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Thread: another gone but not forgotten: Jean Richard Terrascope picture review

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    another gone but not forgotten: Jean Richard Terrascope picture review

    By request. I know Brice digs this.
    I traded mine for the CFB scubatec..
    but damn if I don't miss it though...would totally love the black with rose gold
    or the hokusai aquascope.

    Anyways...bunch of pics

    its just such a solid, well finished, good fitting piece

    look at the details to the stepped case..alternating brushed/polished finishing...the applied indices...chapter ring...solid etched caseback. Beauty!

    the white is amazing...probably closest white ever to an explorer2

    love the hands

    Quote Originally Posted by unixshrk
    What size is this?

    most sites claim its 44mm
    its actually 46mm case side to case side
    the stepped case makes it 'smaller'

    coupla other pics with measurements

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    I'm waiting to take a look at the new 39mm version. Have always liked the style.

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    o snap!
    39mm with a display caseback

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    Yeh they have aways caught my eye.
    Regards Cam

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    Got to see the behind glass a few weeks ago. The hokusai is SOMETHING ELSE. The vintage looking hand winds with the small seconds were stunning as well.

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    55mm L2L length, wow, that thing must've worn large !!

    39mm is interesting
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    Really felling that smaller size. Nicely detailed rotor for sure

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    Quite like the Terrascope, thanks for the pics!

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    One of the few flips I wish I had never done was moving my DJR.

    They are great watches for the price. I had the TV Screen and the lume was unreal.
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    I would be VERY interested in the 39mm version (if there was a bracelet) but the movement at the price is a complete turn off for me.

    I like a movement to have some sort of hand wind ability, and when paying the price that JeanRichard require the Selitta Sw200 just does not cut it, I hate the feel and sound of handwinding a ETA 2824/Sw200, you can actually feel/sound parts grinding !!!

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