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Thread: ...and now for something completely different.

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    ...and now for something completely different.

    This one probably is a bit to far off the path for some, but not for me. My first "good" watch that I purchased was a beautiful Longines that had, among other things, a retrograde seconds hand. I liked the watch, and loved the retrograde seconds, but it was too thick to fit comfortably under a shirt cuff, so I sold it. Ever since, I've wanted another retrograde seconds watch, but there are very few out there, and many are hideously expensive.

    Then, in the 2015 watch catalog I got at the holidays, I saw this newly-introduced watch from Schaumburg in Germany, and now, it has arrived, in a beautiful, leather-covered wooden box:

    Name:  Retro Box Small.JPG
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    Inside, the Schaumburg Retrolateur 2:

    Name:  Retro Box and Watch Small.JPG
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    I've not seen another watch like it, combining not one but two retrograde second hands, plus a regulator format, splitting out a small dial for the hours (with contrasting white Roman numerals), and a large minute hand. The bottom second hand goes from 0-30 seconds, after which it snaps back to 0, and the top second hand starts its journey from 30 to 60, after which it snaps back to 30 and the 0-30 hand starts again. It's pretty cool to watch.

    Name:  Retro Front Small 1.JPG
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    On these pictures, you can see there are four different guilloché patterns on the dial, one for the minute track, one for the main part of the dial, one for the two second hands, and another for the inside of the hour subdial. The watch dimensions are reasonable, 42mm x 12mm, with reasonably short lugs.

    Name:  Retro Front Small 3.JPG
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    The main parts of the case are brushed, with the bezel and the case back bezel polished. I think the signed onion crown works well, too.

    The movement is a pretty heavily modified Unitas 6498, hand wound, 18000 vph. The finish? Oh, wait for the next post below...

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    Ah, the movement. Beautifully decorated:

    Name:  Retro Back Small 1.JPG
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    The strap is a nice, thick leather, with a good deployant.

    So, there it is. I'm very pleased, and there won't be anything else new coming for at least month or two... Between this and the Hulk, it's been a great start to the year.
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    Very cool! That is an interesting design with the dual retrograde seconds. Beautiful finishing front and back, too.

    I have found the retrograde seconds complication to be one of the most enjoyable complications available. It's entirely pointless but loads of fun to watch and it provides near instant gratification to see the hand bounce back. With the dial retrograde you only need to wait 30 seconds to see the action occur. Far more rewarding than a perpetual calendar.

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    Very nice, when I was in Ft Lauderdale after Christmas I had located a Schaumburg dealer but when I found the shop he said they didn't hold them any more despite still being listed on the web site.
    The Moon had caught my eye but this is very attractive, finish look great.

    (the guy in the shop still rated them )
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    I did know a bit about this brand, saw a prototype of a diver (some 2 or 3 years ago) but didn't care much about it and forgot the all issue. I remember they subscribed - to some extent - the Bauhaus "attitude". But honestly, nowadays - to me, at least - the Bauhaus designation is more a marketing disease, than a design school

    With your new watch - that I sincerely like - you made me browse their web cat and unfortunately - to my wallet - they have some very interesting models. Ignorance, sometimes is a real bless...


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    That is a lovely piece, though I'd be tempted to wear it upside down. I guess that's why it has the retrograde seconds...

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    That's a real eye catcher!
    Congratulations on such a unique and striking purchase. Enjoy and wear it in good health.
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    Man, that movement work is awesome. Great looking and certainly unique watch.
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    I really, really like that watch. The dial is unique and so tastefully done. And it looks great on you. I am assuming that it is not too thick to fit under your cuff.

    Congratulations and wear it in good health! This plus The Hulk, what a start to the new year!


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    Nice. Cool looking piece.


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