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Thread: What level of Used is acceptable?

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    What level of Used is acceptable?

    I pretty much buy all used watches. But i find myself focusing almost exclusively on 98%+'ers when I'm looking at modern watches. I'm ok with a little case or bracelet scratching, but I really don't want a damaged bezel or a glass. But here;s the question for much damage is acceptable to you in a used watch and more importantly, if the only way you could swing your grail was to buy a pretty beat up one, would you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drickster View Post
    if the only way you could swing your grail was to buy a pretty beat up one, would you?
    No. I've never subscibed the thesis that says if a watch is "pretty beat up" its because it has a story to tell. Unless its already mine - in which case I'm part of the story - or it does have a known and relevant life, the watch is only severely damaged. And that usually means a lot of work - not to mention money and luck - to bring it to a new and active condition...if possible. But that's just me...
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    If they are vintage I can stand pretty beat up. I enjoy restoration work. If it is modern, I want it as unblemished as possible, but I might take a swing at a grail that was rough.

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    I'll buy any crap. That way I have box on box of spares. There are certain watches and calibres I'll always buy whatever the condition. In fact a couple of my favourite watches look positively foxed. A particular favourite is failed lacquer. I love the organic look it gives.

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    It all depends on how rare the watch is and how much I want it.
    I've bought watches requiring new movements or new cases just to get a particular model.
    Vintage watch collecting is an illness...
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    Bought a watch which had clearly met with the pavement very hard at least once in its life. New crystal, took off bracelet and gave it a new strap, smoothed off the jagged roughness on case, and that made it wearable. Since its older than me, I figure it deserves allowances

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    I'm a buy it new kind of guy. Any marks/scratches are mine. Also I see how much crud I clean off my watches, I am not a fan of other peoples crud!
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    Wish my OCD would let me get something under 97%, but I am too damm picky!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkO View Post
    I'm a buy it new kind of guy. Any marks/scratches are mine. Also I see how much crud I clean off my watches, I am not a fan of other peoples crud!
    This is not my motto, but it is what I do: Clean first, wear second.

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    I buy new. The only wear I like on a watch is either from me or a family member/friend if it's a watch I know and have inherited.

    A used watch would have to be 100% for me to consider buying it. And even then I doubt I would. If I missed the boat on buying a certain model new then so be it.
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