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Thread: Which of the Iconic watches do you not get ?

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    Which of the Iconic watches do you not get ?

    There's many historical and iconic pieces out there, I won't insult the great watch minds on this forum by listing them.

    They are famous and historic for many reasons - design, history, space use, movement ....... etc

    We can't like every watch, we know that, even the iconic ones - which one of the Iconic pieces out there do you not get ? Or just that the design does not speak to you?

    For me its the JLC reverso (in its many incarnations), i'm sure it's a fantastically made watch, great build quality, exquisite details and beautiful movement.

    But I just don't like the styling or the look of it on wrist, I still appreciate it as a high end piece but its a style that does not sing to me.

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    And this one really doesn't look balanced (to me anyhow)

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    Thats me, which one of the famous/historic/iconic pieces do you dislike ? (for any reason)

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    For me it's the Nautilus. I just can't get past the ears.

    It looks better as a chronograph since I expect some protrusions on the side for the pushers, which are incredibly well integrated, but I just can't get past the look of those superfluous flappers sticking out on either side.

    Sure it gives it a balanced look but if they are going for true symmetry, why not come up with a reason for a second crown on the left. Or a hidden crown. Don't just stick ears on a poor watch just for the sake of being different!

    The Aquanaut looks much better than the Nautilus, imo.

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    I'm with you re the Reverso. I admire the design and think of it as a work of art but appreciate it more in a display box than on my wrist. I'm also not a big fan of either the Speedy or the Sub. I 'get' why others like them and I don't find them unattractive but there are other chronographs and divers that I find more visually interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steppy View Post
    which one of the Iconic pieces out there do you not get ? Or just that the design does not speak to you?
    Rolex (any), Breitling (any), Hublot (any)

    There!, I've said it

    Anything else, send it me in a brown plain outer wrapper and it will not be RTS'ed

    Oh, and FlikFlak

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    Rolex Sub. There are sooo many homages to this watch, it kind of dilutes the significance of it to me. That and I hate the mercedes hand and the cyclops.

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    Three I really don't "get" from a personal aesthetic point of view. Purely on looks.. (Although I am starting to soften my view on the Patek just a little).

    These two (no surprise that if you don't like one you'll probably not like either)

    And this fella

    G-Shock: GW3000B-1A
    Rolex: Submariner 14060M
    Accurist: 1961 Shockmaster (Gold) & 1965 Shockmaster (Steel)
    Omega: Speedmaster Professional 3570.50.00
    Meistersinger: Perigraph AM1002
    Ben Sherman: S489.OOBS
    Rotary: 1990 Quartz (Gold)
    Steinhart: Ocean GMT 39mm
    Certina: DS Super PH500M & DS PH200M
    Timex: MKI Mechanical

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    I'm right on board with the Royal Oak - I've never understood it. And the Monster. I even 'pulled the trigger on that bad boy' to try to work it out. Nope. Bemused.

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    The Rolex Datejust

    The bezel just bothers me and when you add two tone and roman numerals, I really can't do it.

    And the Seiko Monster. I don't understand love for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeSport View Post

    And this fella

    Agree with you on the Tag, I saw it in the wild once, it looked huge, like a huge block stuck on someones wrist, really didn't like the look or way it seemed to fit on a wrist

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    Anything squared or rectangular = zero interest from me. So, ditto previous re 'Reverso' & 'Monaco'
    + Omega PloProf - I don't care how good it is,,,, it's just lumpy & ugly !
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    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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