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Thread: Hello eveyone

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    Hello eveyone

    Hope i'm posting in the right place ive introduced my-self in the lobby and just thought i would add a few photos of my small collection, im still new to the hobby with a lot to learn and enjoy.Name:  P6260061.jpg
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    Hi Nigel and welcome to IWL! Those are cracking pics of some classic affordables.

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    I've never seen that Parnis before but I really like it. I would like to see more shots of that if you ever get the chance to take some.

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    Hello and welcome. Enjoy your time here.

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    Welcome to IWL, Nigel. What a good start! Pictures of your watches and I see that you might be a Jag lover as well! (so am I ) XJ driver?.

    I think you'll find IWL to be a great source of information with it's knowledgeable members. Hope you enjoy this place and participate a lot!

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    It seems we have some watches in common

    (have to admit I sold this one when someone offered me I think $150 for it.... )

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    Nice start.You will soon contract the WIS disease by joining our world..
    People sleep peaceably in their beds @ night ONLY because rough men stand ready to do VIOLENCE
    on their behalf.....



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    A few more pics of the Parnis as requested, thanks for the warm welcome, its referred to as the Portuguese power reserve paid £90 for it has it only a few weeks and it looks really well madeName:  P6290008.jpg
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