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Thread: Nomos At Work Series

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    Nomos At Work Series

    Nomos has released a new line of 39mm watches in a series called At Work. Notably, these watches are powered by the slim DUW 3001 movement and have introduced a new dial finish to many watches in the Nomos lineup.

    Here is a sampling of the new watches in the new Silvercut dial. With the blued hands, the Tangente is my favorite of this release. If the Metro had blued hands, I would have my resistance sorely tested.





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    Quote Originally Posted by FuzzyB View Post
    If the Metro had blued hands, I would have my resistance sorely tested.


    Don't understand the rhodium plated hands... Not very legible. Dark hands and this could've been my first Nomos..

    Love the look of the dials though

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    That orion is nice. The 'neomatix' moniker, not so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffbot View Post
    That orion is nice. The 'neomatix' moniker, not so much.
    At least the neomatik label shouldn’t be too noticeable.

    The Orion looks good but would’ve been better with blued hands, too. And possibly blued markers.

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    If they all had blued hands they would be my favouite four Nomos ever. Even without I love those dials.
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    Apparently these new At Work models also come with a deployant buckle. Nomos is getting rather high falutin' these days. The buckles look nice, but I haven't been able to find sizing information on them.

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