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  • post #2 Omega by Matt

    2 10.53%
  • post # 19 Omega by 93EXCivic

    2 10.53%
  • post # 28 Omega by Steppy

    4 21.05%
  • post #42 Omega by gnuyork

    0 0%
  • post # 51 Omega by muddy250

    2 10.53%
  • post # 64 Omega by OTGabe

    2 10.53%
  • post # 77 Omega by Colin

    2 10.53%
  • post # 31 IWC by Crownpuller

    3 15.79%
  • post # 71 by Col Angus

    2 10.53%
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Thread: 1 Brand 3 watch Challenge Phase 2

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    1 Brand 3 watch Challenge Phase 2

    As much as I enjoy handing out red cards, for this next phase of the challenge, I decided to keep everyone in the competition. Besides, if I had been as strict as I normally am there would've only been only a handful of eligible entries Only the first entry will be considered for anyone who entered more than one, and the rule regarding having to own one of the watches had to be adhered to.

    This is the original thread: IWL Challenge: 1 brand, 3 watches, all you need for 20 years!

    I have lumped the entries into 4 different group with the brands with the most entries dominating each of them. Now to the polls!

    First up, the Omega Group:

    There are 9 entries in this first poll. Others will follow over the next few days. Each poll will be open 5 days. The winners of each poll will face off against each other in the next phases.

    Please refer to the original thread and vote for the entry you would be most willing to wear exclusively over the next 20 years. Not sure if I can link or copy the choices into this thread, but I'll try. If your entry is in this poll, feel free to promote your choices as you wish.
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    To bad all that i can afford are SEIKOs..

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    Post # 2 by Matt





    In case NASA give me the call, hell it's twenty years and you never know.



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    Post # 19 by 93EXCivic

    Omega Seamaster Quartz (the one I own, needing repair)

    Omega Ploproof

    And a premoon Speedy

    Edit: I came really close to doing a Vostok three watch just so I could have easily the cheapest collection.

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    Post # 28 by Steppy

    Normally I would say Grand Seiko, but I like a good Dive Watch and their offerings are 44mm and too big for my liking, so i'll go with Omega (sorry Domo)

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    Post # 42 by gnuyork

    Mine would be Omega - Planet Ocean, Speedmaster, AT.

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    Post # 51 by muddy250

    Omega for me. I grew up with my Dad advising me to buy Omega if I was ever in a position to buy a good watch and I took his advice.
    All are in my collection. They will never be sold, may be added to but these will remain.
    L-R, beater, casual and dress, or at least as dressy as it gets for me. :-)

    Wristy of the AT


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    Post # 64 by OTGabe

    I could easily go Seiko as well, but I'll choose Omega.

    Only one in the collection currently:

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    Post # 77 by Colin

    Since it's a snow day, I'll play!

    The stipulation of having to already own something from the brand limits things, but that's cool because my speedy's a keeper and I like a lot of Omega's styles.

    I also like variety (you guys with three, admittedly very nice, Seikos with a similar look... I couldn't do that for 20 years), so I'd want a dress watch and, since "there is no budget", I'll take a 18k white gold Tresor:

    And I have another modern Omega:

    But, as much as I like the blue, blingy thing, I'm not a big diver guy, but I could do 20 with this versatile piece:

    For the life of me, I don't understand why they took the date window off the new ones.

    So, Tresor (dress), AT (all arounder), and Moonwatch (sport, complication).

    You may send my prize to... :-p

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    post # 31 by crownpuller

    Similarly, owned mine for 17 years, and Omega was my first thought for this thread; but, as I'm currently in an IWC frame of mind, I'm going with:

    Recent acquisition:

    No decent wrist shot with it, yet (will rectify in due course).
    I can only think of a few scenarios where I couldn't (or shouldn't) get away with this on my wrist.

    As per recent dress watch thread:

    Simple, elegant - For those special occasions.

    I have no practical need for a chronograph, but I have a need to play with my watches, hence:

    As money is no object, I'd probably have the date wheel dates re-done to match the blue because the white annoys me

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