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Thread: Some little facts about 'Square' G-SHOCK (from fan point of view)

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    Some little facts about 'Square' G-SHOCK (from fan point of view)

    I love watches... from Automatics, Quartz, Analog, Digital, Vintage, Modern, Divers, Dressy, affordable or Luxury (even thought cant afford only right now hehe)
    you name it... i always fascinated with them.

    we all know watches serve many purpose from time telling practicality to status symbols.

    Not many watch lover would be interested with digital watches and some even dont like quartz because of the 'lack of soul' perception..
    but this time i want to talk about what tribe say the 'anti swiss watch'.. particularly the square G-shock... the iconic line of casio.

    the square G is the direct descendant of the first G-Shock from 1983. the DW-5000... it was the only watch that build for ultimate toughness at that time.. the philosophy is TRIPLE 10 ; meaning- it would survive 10 meters drop, 10 BAR water resistant and 10 years battery life. and its been improving eversince..
    it was a practical watch that latter loved by many outdoor anthusiast, extreme sportsmen and military all over the world since they need the watch that wont break or broken in the middle of no where.
    it is one of the watch that's approved by NASA... and very iconic like zippo lighter, Victorinox Swiss Army knife, fender stratocaster or rayband glasses.. it is an in-expensive watch that's build like cockroach... have all the functions that you need in a time piece and nothing you dont. (it has home time with perpetual callender to 2099, alarm plus hourly chimes, 24hours stopwatch and 24 hours countdown timer)

    the original square G had a stainless screwback case and resin/rubber protective outer shell and straps.. since about 1998 (or early 2000) the case is made from hard and durable plastic to make it more lightweght and a bit thinner... i always like the stainless case.. the good thing was in 2013, casio re-issue the stainless screwback model as anniversary edition...

    here's what i'm takin' about..

    Name:  DSCN8679.jpg
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    the LEFT one is the $45 DW-5600e, available widely and the RIGHT one is the DW5030 (its the tribute of first g-shock DW-5000) and cost about 5x
    they look similar from above right =)

    they both have the exact same functions beside the build quality. the re-issue is still made in japan (both the case and the module)

    here's the caseback shot
    Name:  DSCN8691.jpg
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    I personally have no problem with the standard the DW5600e, but I just LOVE the feel of the stainless 5030 on the wrist.. it is more hefty, feels good on the wrist and i never have to worry about the plastic lug fail... i have never experience plastic lug fail on g-shocks when the watch snag to something but it had happened to me more than a coupe of time with some plastic casio.

    the outer protective shell is made from high quality polyurethane and do a great job for protecting the crystal from scratches, drop or bump... and it is replaceable.
    it was hold with these 4 little screws
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    here's the look of the case with the protection shell removed
    Name:  DSCN8699.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN8703.jpg
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    the lug is 16mm and it's a good design since it would make the watch less prone to springbar fail due to the shorter axis.
    and the springbar also quite thick and durable... here's the comarison with standard springbars (but not nearly as FAT as seiko diver springbar though)
    Name:  DSCN8707.jpg
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    it is about the size of seiko monster and would suits many wrist size from small to large... here's on my 6,7" wrist..
    Name:  DSCN6876.jpg
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    The square models come in many different flavors like solar rechargeable battries, atomic sync time keeping, negative displays and many more (i'm not into g-shock with shocking colors but casio got them too)
    and the holly grail is the modern GW-5000 (no i dont own one yet) or even the titanium casing that sell about $2000 or more like GW-T5030 thats limited to 200pieces worldwide

    i stop right now... might added some more if there are any interest... i do realize g-shock is not for everyone and they got many haters hehehe..

    have a fantastic day everybody!

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    some more flavors of the screwback anniversary 5030 =)
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    Great thread! That's long been my favourite G, great for smaller wrists. I have the solar atomic version which I've paired with the amazingly comfortable bracelet

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    Yeah the solar one are convinient.. like the digital version of citizen ecodrive

    here's my square solar (have i mention i like square g-shocks?) =P
    (yeah they all look almost similar hehehe, but they are all different beast)

    the solar/atomic square got more features than the classic dw5600.. it has multiple alarm, world time, mute able button beep, auto EL (the light turn on automatically when you flick your wrist) and so on.

    Name:  DSCN6942.jpg
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    G-5600 navy
    Name:  DSCN6958.jpg
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    G5600a7 white
    Name:  DSCN4210.jpg
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    discontinued GW5600j.. the square that has big digits.. i love the monochromatic color theme.
    Name:  DSCN8284.jpg
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    Cool write-up, Iyonk.

    I used to have a G-Shock....years ago.... been sorta browsing them lately tho. I feel like it is one (of I think quite a few) holes in the collection.....

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    great thread Iyonk, you know i like G's. It's probably the only watch you actually NEED, al the other watches are something you WANT.

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    Very nice info, Iyonk! I have a square G (can't remember the model #) it's all black with reverse LCD. I wish it had a stainless screwdown back, it would make the watch seem and probably feel more substantial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnuyork View Post
    Very nice info, Iyonk! I have a square G (can't remember the model #) it's all black with reverse LCD. I wish it had a stainless screwdown back, it would make the watch seem and probably feel more substantial.
    thanks gnuyork... yeah, the feeling of the screwback make the impression of solid watch and actually fits my wrist better... the plastic case due to its light weight is also nice o wear though... but sometime in some angle, the screwheads from the caseback rubbing my skin.. no problem with the screwback.

    here's the pict of the GW-5000.. it is a japan domestic model... last month my ex-student visit me and he know i like square g-shock... so he surprised me by wearing it on his wrist =)
    lovely watch... hope i have one someday... it has DLC coated on the stainless screwback case for more scratch resistant protection, have modern module with great features and it's solar powered plus atomic time keeping... if you can only have 1 g-shock and you like classic shape, this is the ONE.
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    Lyonk, thanks for sharing. It was a great read. Never knew so much about them. Thanks!

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    my one and only square Gshock...

    Usually I like bigger,round Gs like 9300,9400,A1000,6900xl,8900 etc but this one is so darn comfy to wear and the strap felt so natural on the wrist

    I love this model because it looks like the cheaper 5600 but for those in the know,they know what it's a bit like Panerai,it's all about the smaller details

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