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Thread: Lolz - random internet stuff you feel compelled to share

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    Quote Originally Posted by hayday View Post
    English is weird.
    As Noam Chomsky pointed out 50 years ago, grammar itself is rather odd. For example, it can be iterative and generative, so it becomes an infinite set. For example:

    I had one of those days.
    I had one of those "one of those days" days.
    I had one of those " 'one of those, 'one of those days' days" days.

    Not to mention that we can easily say grammatical things that have never been said before. I find that rather magical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hayday View Post
    English is weird.
    Being a prepositional language, though, no fun with inflections.

    Polish: Człowiek człowiekowi wilkiem, a zombi zombi zombi.

    (Man is wolf to man, and zombie is zombie to zombie -- 'zombi' does not inflect in Polish ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by hayday View Post
    English is weird.
    As the old woman in Blackadder II says "That it be"; try this one:

    First I need to 'set the stage' and it works better if the question comes after the answer...
    These are the lyrics to the first verse of a well-known nursery song:

    Red and yellow and pink and green
    Purple and orange and blue
    I can sing a rainbow
    Sing a rainbow
    Sing a rainbow too...

    The answer: Yellow, pink, and orange.
    The question: What words/colours are located between the words and and and and and and and and and and and ?

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    I share this one around this time every year.

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    Solve all your doubts through question mode.

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