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Thread: Just finished a trade and achieved a goal!

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    Just finished a trade and achieved a goal!

    Hey Cats,

    Just finished a trade with a Pal of mine who drove two hours in a blizzard to have a trade day with me

    I traded him two chronographs for these gems

    Finally! I have my pulsar back, this is the early version with the dot matrix display. Not mint like my stainless version I sold so long ago but it has serious wrist presence being gold filled.

    A really cool military with hot lume (probably redone) with copper dial and intentional brass case, this will look sick on a brown NATO! Aside from movement service and crystal polish the case will not be touched as it looks perfect with this level of tarnish, I'm also impressed at how sharp the edges are on this thing.

    A really funky back set manual wind to clean up, awesome dial finish and Cool case shape.


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    That is slick. Never seen a back set crown like that before. Congrats!

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    Sweet. Love the copper dial and the Pulsar.
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    Copper dial just sounds awesome, well done!

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