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Thread: 13x??

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    How's that for a cryptic title to suck people in...

    I don't really have a grail watch, but there are a couple in the "I'd love to have that but no way I could bring myself to pay that much for a watch" category. One that I love is this Vacheron Constantin (all pictures borrowed):

    Name:  vacheron-constantin-patrimony-small-seconds-01.jpg
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    Beautiful, incredibly well made, but it costs 13x what this one does:

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    Now, I'm not saying Nomos' craftsmanship, sophistication and build quality is up to VC standards, but it sure ain't shabby, either. The Nomos is $2620, the VC is $34,000. So, what do you all think? Is the VC worth 13x the Nomos?

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    Yes. I think it is.

    As things get better and better the cost of each % of improvement always increases.
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    That VC is one of my all time favorite watches. If I was ever in a position to pay the asking price, I wouldn't think twice.

    I have a Nomos Orion but the VC is in a whole other league. 13x better? How much an object is valued is a personal question, but I would probably say yes to this one. The finishing and design are head and shoulders above the Nomos.

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    I'd almost pay the extra $31,380 to not have the small seconds subdial look like it's trying to spoon the central hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domo View Post
    I'd almost pay the extra $31,380 to not have the small seconds subdial look like it's trying to spoon the central hands.
    But maybe if it succeeded, you'd get a little 31mm Nomos in your watch drawer the next morning.

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    It looks worthy of the price consideration IF the small seconds sub-dial was better proportioned, IMHO.
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    I can't afford either, but if you can't centre the sub-dial between the hour/minute hand and the outer edge of the dial, I would prefer a centre seconds hand. Therefore VC wins it for me.

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    $31K gets you some applied indices. On the Orions only the date version has applied indices (and an undomed dial).

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    I wouldn't. For that price I'll go for a Calatrava 5296G and that Nomos, with change to spare.

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    Interesting question and the only real answer is to some it is and to others it isn't. The overwhelming majority of the general public would say it most certainly isn't .
    Regards Cam

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