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Thread: Watch-spotting in the Wild

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    Watch-spotting in the Wild

    Watches are made to be worn, and that's why I always enjoy reading about random interesting watches that people spotted 'out there'. I'm sure all of us cannot resist peeking, or even staring, at wrists when out and about...

    This voyeuristic activity is best done in summer when people are in short or rolled-up sleeves, and on the subway, trains, buses, trams, when people are standing in close proximity, ideally with their wristwatch arm holding on to a rail. Or standing behind someone on an escalator when their watch is hanging down at just the right level for you to stare at. Airports are also good places to play at watch-spotting to pass the time. Work colleagues and clients are also a good source.

    However, WIS conventions do not count.

    Please share your stories

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    I've told this one before but anyway: I was in a meeting with a client - bit of a geezer - and I say "nice sub". He looks blank. "your watch" I said. "Oh it's a Rolex. I used to have the perpetual with the diamonds in the face but my brother dropped a cabinet on it so replaced it with this one." I was like .... "okay - lets get back to the figures".
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    Yesterday, while watching kids play hockey I saw a Datejust 2, and a Gold Daytona, and a Tag Monaco. Not bad for starters.
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    Its usually just a cornucopia of Rolexes.

    At work, I have seen a PAM312, a Cartier Rose Gold Ballon Bleu and what appears to be a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 6 RS though.

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    Watch-spotting in the Wild

    'A cornucopia of Rolexes'... that sounds nice.

    What about 'An opulence of Pateks'?

    This could be a whole new thread...

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    Anyway back on topic...

    The divisional manager at my workplace has a Rolex sub date.

    The most expensive I've seen was a PP 5296g on a guy next to me at the bar of a 5* hotel

    However I'd like to spot the more unusual, not necessarily expensive, brands, as well as interesting vintages. I see my dad has a Big Rose Tudor that he bought as a young man in 1967...but that doesn't count... I've never seen anyone else with a BRT in the wild.

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    I almost always spot somebody wearing a Rolex on any given flight. This last trip it was an Explorer 2 polar. But also I saw somebody wearing an Omega Seamaster. That would be my ever 4th Omega sighting.

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    Watch-spotting in the Wild

    I'm used to seeing lots of good stuff at work Patek, Rolex, Panerai, Breitling, Omega with suits. The sightings have diminished the last few years though. My favorite was a really knowledgable older gent at the grocery store rocking a gold Breitling Chronomat 44. He wanted a watch with the 01 and was bored to tears with Rolex. It was a great 5 minute talk, and go figure, me watch-less coming from the gym.
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    At the museum I work at I see lots of nice watches. Plenty of Rolex subs, Explorer 2s, Datejusts, GMTs. Saw a legit gold Daytona. I've seen a few Speedmasters. Just saw a Mido Multifort the other day which was interesting. Talked to a guy with a Black Bay the other day too. Saw a PP Aquanaut about a month ago. Don't see to many nice vintage models though.

    Best story is, a collector friend was in and I saw he was wearing a nice vintage Rolex Explorer. I paid him a compliment on it. He then took it off and handed it to me to get a closer look at and we had a nice little conversation about watches. Super nice.

    I've also had a handful of people strike up conversations with me about my Sinn 556I.

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    Today I saw Pam 425 and what appears to be a new 10 or 8 days luminor in ss with patina lume in the church

    The other day,I was sitting in Wendy's...upon entering I saw pam 532,then inside I saw sevenFriday and Reverso squadra with white dial

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