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Thread: 1 brand, 3 watch challenge, phase 2, concluding.

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    1 brand, 3 watch challenge, phase 2, concluding.

    As much as I enjoy handing out red cards, for this next phase of the challenge, I decided to keep everyone in the competition. Besides, if I had been as strict as I normally am there would've only been only a handful of eligible entries. Only the first entry will be considered for anyone who entered more than one, and the rule regarding having to own one of the watches had to be adhered to.

    This is the original thread: IWL Challenge: 1 brand, 3 watches, all you need for 20 years!

    I have lumped the entries into 4 different group with the brands with the most entries dominating each of them. Now to the polls!

    Last one, the non-neutral European Group. There are also a few more Swiss brands here.

    There are 9 entries in this poll. This poll will be open 5 days. The winners of this and each of the other polls will face off against each other in the next phases.

    Please refer to the original thread and vote for the entry you would be most willing to wear exclusively over the next 20 years. If your entry is in this poll, feel free to promote your choices as you wish.

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    Man that's a tough one. Initially I would think Omega but I don't love any specific three of their offerings. I don't really prefer having a traditional dress watch so I'd most likely go with Breitling.

    1) Dive watch, SOH that I already own

    2) Mechanical Chrono-dressy watch Transocean Chronograph probably rose gold on a dark brown croc

    3) Ani-digi, sports and casual watch. Chronospace Military

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    Post # 13

    Interesting challenge given the Tudor and Breitling posts above I could have done both of those but decided to go down the Bremont route.

    Starting with the one I own, the MB2, this would be my everyday watch, then as I live near the beach a diver, then a dressier gold watch .
    Not perfect as I would prefer the dress watch to be simpler but I am happier with this combination than others I considered.

    Attached Images

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    Post # 39

    Since I could not part with my Antea, I'll have to go with Stowa.

    For the office, my Antea:

    For casual and the beach, Seatime:

    (pic stolen from Bradjhomes at WUS)

    Chronograph 1938, because chronograph :

    (manufacturer's pic)

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    Post # 36


    I have this:

    And I'll take these two:

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    Post # 49



    Other 2 forever watches:

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    Post # 57

    Interesting thread!

    For me, it would be Breitling.

    I would want one watch that I could wear on dressier occasions. For me, the Transocean Chronograph fits the bill...

    I would also want a travel/GMT watch. For this one, I would choose the Transocean Chronograph/GMT...

    And, finally, in the sports/utility category, the Super Ocean Heritage...

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    Post # 58

    Well as there have been a few Rolex ones I'll do Nomos;

    First pick would be the Ahoi Atlantik Datum, great all rounder;

    Then I'd take the Zurich True Blue World Timer, although this could potentially be the white dial version;

    Ok in that case I withdraw the Lambda and reinstate my Orion;

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    Post # 76

    Since noone has done it,I'll go with Panerai,my philosophy is all about simplicity and legibility

    As a dress option,I'll go with Pam 62

    White gold,40mm and Zenith movt

    For GMT,I'd pick something different,Pam 441 with numeral dial

    Ceramic, 44 mm,P9001 movt

    For chrono,I'd go monopulsante SE,Pam 345

    Titanium, 44 mm,P2004 movt

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    Post # 83

    I will go with Hamilton. For my dress watch I would have my trusty Intra Matic, which I own.

    I would have the Spirit of Liberty chrono for a more casual look.

    And for a grab and go quartz option I would go with the ana-digi Flight Timer.

    Not a bad trio!

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