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Thread: SHARE your G with your fav pocket knives (PICTORIAL)

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    SHARE your G with your fav pocket knives (PICTORIAL)

    Inspired by K&L, and since it is against some rules in other places, so lets try this one =)

    I personally wonder if Tom, Greg, Race, Kronos, Sedi, Sjors, (K&L obviously have knives =) and many of you guys hang out here have some pocket knives... either it woulld be Victorinox swiss army knives , other one hand opening folder or even some custom ones... so i personally salute and thank every one who would join ..

    this thread might not work and K&L could keep this one alive singe handed-ly with his collections haha..

    here's some of mine =)

    Name:  DSCN8744.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN8739.jpg
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    Spydie CAT (my EDC 24/7 for 2 years)
    Name:  DSCN8737.jpg
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    thanks everybody!

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    SOG and SAK.

    Name:  DSCN8743.jpg
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    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    a Couple more for now... the sick thing is i got much more knives than G hehe (and we haven't added flashlights haha)

    Mini grip
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    I thought IWL did not allow knife pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mediocre View Post
    I thought IWL did not allow knife pictures?
    I used to think so... but in the old place its because ernie made the the rule.

    I Just re-checked the IWL Rules and no mentioning of no pict of pocket knives... there's a rule about firearm and weapon tough, but I personally think these small pocket knives are gentlemen's tool though..

    if moderators find these violiating the rule, its ok for me if the thread gonna be deleted.

    thanks you.. =)

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    Thanks Iyonk. Some nice pieces, btw...And I echo your sentiments that if this thread should offend anyone or if the mods deem it inappropriate then they by all means should delete it and I will not be offended in any way. However, I think that by my posts most will see that my blade collection is not off topic when it comes to watch collecting, at least for me. For me it is no different than posting my matching shades with my watches. Either way I am happy to share, if even only for a moment.

    I'll start with one I customized by doing a blade/handle swap with two knives to match my 9400KJ

    A couple of Microtech folders

    Brous Blades

    A yellow Spyderco to match my LY Frog

    Some Benchmades

    A Hogue with the green Rangeman

    I've even found some to match some of my most brightly colored G's

    And finally, my every day G-Shock (the Rangeman), along with my everyday pocket knife (ZT 0560BW) and a couple of other items I always carry with me (Surefire Aviator and Victorinox Swisstool Spirit)

    Thanks for looking friends!
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    that's the best G and knives post and pictorial i ever saw!!
    what a work of art! we've seen some people matching G with t-shirt or sneakers but you my man is pure genius artist!!

    its so crazy to see all the fantastic detail and color shade how the G and knives complementing each other.. Wow K&L!! its like 'eyes-gazm' if such thing exist!
    excuse me a moment, away from keyboard for a while... i have to use my hand to pick my jaw on the floor..

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    there... my jaw back in place...

    just want to say i wish i can give you 1 Billion likes! the color combination is breath taking!...

    I'm saving this thread, if it is taken/deleted-- those epic and magnificent pics of yours need to be saved =)

    hopefully if the thread survive you could post more of your fantastic picts K&L..

    you're my HERO buddy! =D

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    Om mannn... now my pictures look wimpy compared to K L hehehe..

    buck 110 50th anniverasrry
    Name:  DSCN8755.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN8763.jpg
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    mutitools.. (and yes my G9300 so far work fine since i put it in different location... would update if it still acting funny someday..)
    Name:  DSCN8757.jpg
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    This is a fun thread! I have collected knives for years. My favorites used to be Chris Reeve Sebenzas. I have a few still around that I need to sell. More into standard cheaper Spydercos now. They open fast and easily - while the Sebenzas unfortunately do not for me. I prefer Enduras and Delicas - have had them for years. Great for opening boxes and cutting chores around the house or garage.

    Also have some ESEE fixed blade knives for backpacking and outdoor stuff.

    You guys have some great knives! Good shots with G watches as well. Here's my humble Endura with my Gulfmaster -

    Name:  IMG_1020B.jpg
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