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Thread: Waltham for Vostok, Ruhla or pocket watch parts -Traded-

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    Waltham for Vostok, Ruhla or pocket watch parts -Traded-

    I have this Waltham that I am looking to trade.

    The plating is in fairly good shape. It keeps decent time. I didn't time it but I haven't noticed it lose or gain any noticeable time. Really the only problem is the misalignment of the hour hand... Does not come with leather strap. Does come with gold plated leather.

    What I want to trade for a Vostok Amphibian Steve Zissou

    Vostok Amphibian Gagarin dial (dateless)

    Ruhla Quarz 32768

    A Molnija hunter (don't care about condition of case as long as dial is in good condition and movement is there and is something fancy like these examples)

    Or earlier Molnija YK-6 open face (case needs to be in good shape and movement present, don't care about condition of dial)

    Or an ETA 6497/6498 based pocket watch dial 35-36mm in diameter in good shape and somewhat fancy (see earlier Molly hunter dials).

    Depending on what you have we can work a deal with cash added as well.

    Also boom first Wanted to Trade ad.
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