Had the pleasure of attending an Omega Boutique event in Atlanta last week with a good number of watch geeks from around GA and even one for South Carolina. The Omega team were gracious hosts, great watches new and vintage, adult beverages an overall a great time. Tim McCain (Boutique Manager) And Les Lim (sales) were absolute first rate gentlemen and incredible watch guys!

First - a shout out to redbarATL members Alex and Doug who were kind enough to loan out a few of their Omegas to those who didn't own an Omega at the moment (I wore my Sinn but stashed it when I put on a vintage Omega TV - see pics below) they channeled their inner Oprah with their Omegas:

The Seamaster had an engaging on the back from 1953, I forget what it said but very cool to me

Winner(s) of the "Looks 10x better in person" category were the new Anniversary Models

Vintage was well represented

The Memomatic had both Minute and Hours Alarms

The 321 was to die for

Loved the Blue Steel / Grey dial on the TV Speedmaster

Speaking of Speedmasters:

I've seen the The Meteorite Dial in person a few other times but never fails to get my heart racing

Another one that kills it in person - the Speedy Tuesday

Everyone went home with some Omega swag: an Omega Loupe and History of Omega Book

Group shot - an eclectic group from pilots to dead heads to newbies to hardcore collectors - yours truly is the bald guy on the right