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Thread: Heuer Carrera Calibre 18 Telemeter

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    Heuer Carrera Calibre 18 Telemeter

    from Calibre11:

    Powered by the lesser publicised Calibre 18 as found in a Link Chronograph that was released during the Carrera anniversary year celebrations.
    The 18 is different to the 17 in that it is a smaller/thinner movement that allowed TAGHeuer to make a 40mm Chronograph that was 14.4mm compared to the Calibre 16 Link Chronograph that was 43mm and 16.1mm respectively.

    At the time of the release of the Calibre 18 Link, I had remarked to David at Calibre11 that I would like to see that translate into a 39/40mm Carrera and lo and behold here it is.

    Of special interest to me right now, is that crystal.
    This is the only live photo we have of it for a few weeks yet but it looks like it is a proper curved dome bubble crystal; something very vintage in feel that the first automatic Carrera chronograph never managed to capture properly. Coupled with the thinner bezel, the combination looks "just right" in terms of its proportions.

    The dial itself is a version of the ever popular Panda colours (black on white) and as with all period Carrera watches, the inclusion of a scale on the chapter ring means that the hour markers are shorter than the usually long Carrera markers and all set in-board. There is a shadow surrounding the telemeter scale but at this time, it's hard to tell if this is because the dial has a curved edge or if it is just the effect of the bubble crystal but you can see from the black rehaut that there quite a lot of distance between the outer edge of the external bezel and the rehaut itself. Along with the in-board hour markers, the result is a watch that has a smaller time telling face than the 39mm case size suggests so visually, it could mean that this watch is more wearable for those of us (like me) that always wish a watch that is that little bit smaller or at least, feels smaller.

    Note though, the Calibre 18 is a module movement so there is a question around the kind of offset there is between the crown and the pushers and how deep/low the pushers are in relation to the top of the watch crystal. In particular, some people have always felt that the low position of the crown on some modular chronograph watches affects the comfort of wearing.

    The detail spotters will note a new finish on the strap; I don't recall seeing that gloss on a perforated strap from TAGHeuer before but it definitely has a period feel to it too which is a nice touch.

    To finish, there was a word attached to this watch that hasn't been addressed.
    It could just be a marketing term for the crystal but it could also to do with the actual construction of the entire watch

    I'm not 100% sold on this one yet but on paper, it looks like it could be my kind of watch. Then again, it's that uncertainty that makes me look forward to seeing more of it.


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    Gorgeous! I would take it in a second. Has a bit more refinement to me that say a SpeedMaster. Very nice.
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    Thats a beaut. I want one haha

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