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Thread: The other stuff you carry

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    The other stuff you carry

    I find, as a watch enthusiast, that we seem to have an appreciation for other personal objects that we carry with us, for example pin badges, cuff links, pens etc etc

    This appreciation for these relatively small items usually runs deeper than it does with the average joe.

    For me personally I like a good utility knife (but this is covered in the watches and folders thread)
    And pens....and being the affordable section I present my favourite everyday pen, the Parker! I have about 6 of these things!
    I find them nicely balanced and nice writers, I'll always have one on me.

    I also have this wonderful utility pen given to me as a gift

    This little thing has a few tricks up its sleeve

    Features a screwdriver, bottle opener and stylus.

    So what else do you guys carry, or have an appreciation for?

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    My pen has ruler screwdriver spirit level file to go with the g shock
    Lots of old watches, ex mwc vet -Ceud mile failte , CWC, Hamilton Khaki ,,Longines Quartz ., Omega Geneva & Seamaster 300 GMT, Scuba dude,Seiko Grand quartz King Seiko,6139 Pougue, Tudor Oyster, Tissot stylest .Zodiac Professional

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    That's cool! I like that!

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    Ha, just saw that whatmeworry started an edc thread in the lounge!
    Great minds think a like and all that!

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    One watch, one pen always for me. Everything else is optional.
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
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    I will have five accessories on me at most all times

    Wedding ring
    Pocket Knife
    Writing pen
    Cell phone

    Depending on where I am going or what I am doing, the following may be in play...

    Bi-fold wallet
    If no wallet, I may just carry a small ID/Credit card holder that came with the wallet
    Larger pocket knife
    Small LED flashlight
    Car key
    House keys (always separate from car key)
    STL Cardinals ball cap (if that counts)
    I almost always seem to have a receipt in my pocket
    Anytime I travel for work.....I wear a basic ball chain with a little angel wing's pendant that my daughter gave me years ago
    If I am of the small cases of altoids
    For business meetings or traveling....a business card holder
    At random....a small writing pad in my back pocket

    Most of the time I walk around at work I carry a small, slightly larger than palm sized, leather bound notebook. You never know when you need to write something down.....and everybody assumes you are going somewhere specific when you carry a notebook.

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