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Thread: Generosity strikes again. cc: Rdenny, WWII70

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    Generosity strikes again. cc: Rdenny, WWII70

    Yesterday, I received a text from my friend saying that he had another gift for me. Each time, I'm floored by his generosity; he's always so excited to give the watches to me, and this time, he was pulling the watch out of his bag with a huge smile on his face as I walked into where he works.

    My reason for ccing Rick and WWII70 is simple: in the early days, Paul Breguette was supposedly how Ebel branded its watches in the US. And, man, is this one neat with the oversized sub-dials and sculpted lugs.

    I'm guessing this watch is from the early 1940s. I'm unsure of the movement, but here's a similar-looking Heuer from that time period with a Valjoux 71.

    The Paul Breguette with the other two watches he's given me:

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    That is one amazing friend you have! Those large subdials make for one very legible chronograph. Nice trio of gifts.

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    While he is a fantastic friend of yours, I am sure you are also to him ..... It takes two to clap.

    Fantastic looking pieces.

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    I thought everyone might enjoy this piece. Paul Breguette is rarely seen and even rarer are the chronographs.

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    I dont have a friend like that but i surely happy with you buddy! =D

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    Now you can gift me your Snowflake! Pay it forward

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domo View Post
    Now you can gift me your Snowflake! Pay it forward
    I'll keep you in mind if I ever decide to let it go, but it's not going anywhere right now.

    I lightened one of the photos; they were a bit dark. I think this watch needs one of Iyonk's straps. But I do need to decide what I should get for this watch.

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    love the watch buddy - i think it might be fair to say that Ebel purchased the brand Paul Brequette which was an USA marketed brand initially because it was similar to and could have been confused with Brequet - then eventually discarded it

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    Very retro- cool. Love the Chronos.
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