Well I had heard about them when a fellow mwc had got one on the bay last year, and we had a look at it looked good and he seem happy with it (hi churchy mate ) but there was not that much known about them.

and then I pick up a pilot one a few days back and so thought I would see what I can find out about them. but first a couple of pics. the first is the one I pick up the other day.

and churchys one

Well I spent an hour or so scanning goggle for info and came up with not a lot it uses a slave movement so can't be made in the second watch factory as it was closed down in 2007 I think it was so they must be using the surplus movement stock maybe ?.

so where are they being made I wonder their is hardly any info I can find on them well they seem to be a bit of a mystery to me there are a few designs that have a slava auto movement but can't seem to see who makes them.

any one else have any of them and do you know any more info on them ?