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Thread: IsoFrane - Modern vs Vintage

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    IsoFrane - Modern vs Vintage

    It occurred to me the other day that some folks may not be aware of the fact that IsoFrane straps go back to the late 1960's and 1970's. The company went dormant for many years until the "new" IsoFrane company started producing new versions of the classic IsoFrane ladder design rubber diver strap.

    The new straps are designed to look like the originals, but they are actually a bit more thick and robust. The vintage straps are a bit more thin and pliable than the newest generation. This makes them a little more comfortable than the new straps (even though they are one of the most comfortable rubber straps in the market today).

    The buckle design on the new straps is far better than the vintage buckles. They are much more robust and better engineered. The vintage buckles are perfectly adequate though.

    I own multiples of both kinds and love both styles. But, I feel the modern straps work better with modern watches and likewise with the vintage straps.

    BTW - The pricing is generally $75 - 125 more for a vintage. This is due to the fact that they are fairly rare and it also varies on NOS vs used.

    Attached are some comparison photos (modern on left, vintage on right).

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    Nice post and comparison between the vintage and modern, I may try one of these again someday especially if they made a thinner "vintage" style.

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    Good comparison. The newer buckle is light years ahead of the vintage one, but no matter the age, they make very nice dive straps.
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    Thanks for the comparison !

    Slightly thicker today....
    Regards Phil
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    I've tried one of the modern ones, never again, they are far too thick. Vintage seems the way to go

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    Thanks for this, the first write up I've seen of the vintage. While I have one of the modern ones and quite like it, the vintage would be a kick to get some exposure to. Only seen a few pics of the originals, this comparison is very helpful (tried to add to your reputation for the informative value of the post, but apparently you were the last one I dished rep too, so I get the message I need to spread more around before I can add to yours again ).

    Certainly looks like they've done a good job capturing the look on the modern ones, while perhaps enhancing the overall robustness which should ostensibly translate to more longevity for the strap's life time.
    Regards, T Bone

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    Thanks for the comparison! I have a few modern ones, and I like them a lot, but I would love to find a vintage one. I like thick straps, but thin straps are sometimes more adequate.

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    Thanks for posting! The modern ones have always struck me as too thick, so I have never shelled out the C-note to buy one. Looks like I was justified.

    I don't get the obsession with thick and wide straps these days. I never found them comfortable.

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    I agree the thicker new gen ones make sense for today's bigger watch I have the new once since Xmas been happy with it.

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