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Thread: WRUW - Tuesday - 10 February 2015

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    WRUW - Tuesday - 10 February 2015

    Vintage (50s) Breitling Premier




    Incastar system (regulator)


    Have a great day.

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    ***** WRUW - TUE 10 feb'15 *****

    Still enjoying mine... its been 4 days stright and i check the accuarcy is about +5to7 secs/ day (crown down at night)... I'm happy =) and now very tempted to also get the blue one hehe..
    super comfy... the strap will do until i can make a better one..
    have a great day everyone!


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    I'm sorry C... it seem that we post exactly at the same time =)
    what a lovey time piece... a true luxury beauty!

    hope the mode could help merge/delete my post please..

    thank you.. =)

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    Don't need to apologize, Iyonk. Great minds think alike, so they say. I didn't know they would also think simultaneously!

    I'm sure a mod will merge the two threads, no big deal. Meanwile, I'll post in your thread.

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    Both today and tomorrow. Or, rather, yesterday and today. And tomorrow, too.

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    And here I am re-posting




    Incastar system (regulator)


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    It was a dead heat. I think we need a duel to settle the matter.

    My old AT today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlennO View Post
    It was a dead heat. I think we need a duel to settle the matter.

    Good idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFR View Post
    Vintage (50s) Breitling Premier
    I'm sure you can imagine my reaction to this one, C -- fantastic Breitling!

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