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Thread: its UGLY but i dont care.. =)

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    its UGLY but i dont care.. =)

    dont want to waste my last 11" of leather.. i made this custom leather with 25mm widh, tapper to 20mm and with 16mm lug.
    rather thick but very supple and fits my wrist awesomely well

    thanks for looking guys..

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    Maybe black leather would have looked better, but these straps do not look bad at all!



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    thanks Sjors... i dont have any black leather for now and just want to use my left over hehe.. I'll try black someday.. at least now i know how to do it hehe
    thanks for your input! appreciate it =)

    it was a leftover from this project:
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    The proof with the back side pict =)

    yes, i dont get rid of the lettering... it not shown while wearing anyway hehe..

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    I really like the new strap design you made. And how it attaches is very cool. It's interesting to see a watch band with only 1 hole. But since you are the wearer and know the size it's supposed to be one hole works great.

    Great job!

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    Thank you very much P.. yeah, one hole is all I need haha..
    its still a work in progress but right now i'm having a blast and lovin' how it feel on the wrist =)

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    Awesome new design Iyonk. I really like it.
    It's definitely not ugly. G's are not easy to fit with aftermarket straps. But you have figured out a way to put a leather strap on and make it look great. Awesome accomplishment.
    Only one buckle hole looks great too. Easy to know its a custom strap with only one buckle hole.

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    I think it looks great! Very cool!...I actually dig the brown leather with the black watch. It puts a unique G-Shocker spin on a classic color combo.

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    Thx Greg and K L.

    It aint no panerai but for now it's one of a kind hehehe since no body in the right mind would wear it haha!

    the leather is very soft and 'breath', i never have problem with smelly leather or sweat... so just want to enjoy this one, may be i'll make a black one someday hehe..

    the previous leather is super comfy also but a bit to thin... this one is thick and balance the thickness of the DW9052...
    its a new life for this G since i rarely wear it at first due to the factory strap diggin' to my wrist and causing discomfort... I like this G since the backlight button is easy to access like DW6600 and DW6900.

    have a great day everybody!

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    That looks great! I really like the single hole for the buckle!

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