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Thread: watch shootout: IWC Ingenieur 323902 vs GS SGBR083

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    rolex pic as answer guy mikeylacroix's Avatar
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    watch shootout: IWC Ingenieur 323902 vs GS SGBR083

    Round 2:
    Swiss vs Jap: Richemont vs Seiko?
    1's a sporty dress watch, 1's a dressy sports watch?
    Both are very representative of their original incarnations with all the modern bells and whistles

    The face:

    SBGR083 inky a deep cesspool.

    IWC3239 is a nice glossy matte finish.

    Stepped dial with chapter ring for so dark its like a darn black hole
    Both with minimal writings.

    Gold seconds hand and gold writings did it for me again of course. I am a big fan of dauphine hands. The ingy however has some manly faceted hands that is superbly polished as well.
    Beautifully cut applied indices on both, with the edge going to the GS for its crispness.
    Date windows on both well executed, GS is framed with very visible contrasting font used for the date.
    The ingy sits the date between the chapter rings, strangely balanced out by the crown. The GS's chapter ring is nicely done with a railway track design.

    The case:
    Case work on both is gorgeous. Genta design is famous. This modern re-design is probably the most wearable genta yet. The non functional bezel holes are bit odd though.
    GS's zaratsu finishing is a wonder to behold. GS edges out in thickness, even though both are rated to around 100wr.
    The GS crown screws into the case, while the Ingy has these massive crown guards.
    Both 40mm.

    Integrated case design vs a more classic case

    solid caseback vs see thru..i suppose the 2892 ain't that pretty really

    both fit stunningly well once sized properly though

    The bracelet:
    Will let the pictures do the talking

    Both are foldevers, the ingy wins points on the easy resizing system.

    GS's are painfully fiddly.

    H link style that tapers slickly vs a bastardized '3(5)' link bracelet. Both have push in clasp release system with the ingy's clasp sitting flush
    the length of the inner clasp makes the ingy's middle link jut out slightly odd on me.

    Top heaviness of the SBGR083 meant I had to jig it about a bit..before getting 7-5 links at 12-6 position for the best balanced fit.

    No lume for the SBGR083 btw...the highly polished hands means all it needs is just a sprinkle of fairy dust to tell time in darkness.

    The conclusion:
    GS wins on many fronts..from the movement to the finishing to the LE of it..but the Ingy is a looker.
    I like my watches sportier and the Ingy screams 'wear me' when it comes to grabbing and going for my day to day.
    The GS however makes Terry tingle everytime I look at it.


    more day time comparo pics:

    The GS is very very angular in a modern way
    all that alternating finishing with clean delineated lines makes it droolworthy

    beautiful casework all around

    just superb
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    Great photos mikey, love that IWC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steppy View Post
    Great photos mikey, love that IWC
    ^^^ That. +

    As far as the 'shootout' goes - for me: The IWC has a Gatlin gun, and the Seiko has a pototo peeler (lights blue touch-paper and stands well back)
    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    After having owned the 083, I can not say enough about its magnificence. No contest for me here.

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    Great write up and photos. If I were to distill the competition as I perceive it, it is beautiful vs. handsome and they are both clearly fine pieces. If I were deciding which to purchase the nod would go to the GS, primarily because I don't really have a modern dress watch.

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    Excellent comparison of two similar yet distinctly different watches. There is so much I like about the Ingenieur line, but I don't know if I could ever get past those 5 holes on the bezel. Which reminds me, what is the purpose of the 5 holes in the original design? Were they to remove the bezel or did they have some other function?

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    Interesting comparison. Thank you, Mikey.

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    For me it's a no-brainer: GS all the way! That IWC is just not appealing to me, like most IWC's actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I-B
    That IWC is just not appealing to me, like most IWC's actually.
    Did you really say what you just said, I-B? That's 59 demerit posts for you, meaning that you have to return your badge

    In the looks-department, it's apples & oranges. The Ingy is sportier and has an industrial look and feel to it. Built like an Abrams tank. The GS is dressier, way more elegant, built like a Lexus 460.

    More of an apples to apples comparison would be this GS with the Ingenieur from the Vintage Collection - I know which one I would pick:

    Name:  130913_IWC_Ingenieur_Laureus_h4.jpg
Views: 90
Size:  181.2 KB

    Mickey, thank you so much for taking time out to compare & contrast two great watches.
    And for your photographic skills; definitely
    IWL member 90

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    Great pictures!
    Regards Cam

    Tudor Pelagos, Omega Speedmaster 3510.50, Oris 1965 Diver, Tissot Visodate, Junghans Max Bill Auto, Helson Blackbeard, Seiko PADI Turtle, Tag Heuer F1

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