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Thread: My Panerai Plunge

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    My Panerai Plunge

    In light of I-B's thread, it looks like I'm not the only one who recently took the Panerai Plunge for the first time!

    I thought I'd post a couple more pictures of my recently-arrived PAM 336. I had been on the lookout for a brown dial watch, and I came across Panerai in my explorations. I was certainly familiar with the larger Luminor styles, but had never really considered that an option for my own collection. What changed things for me was the discovery that the Radiomir style actually came in a 42mm version. I have always been a fan of the cushion case/wire lug look, as it mirrors the style of many cool watches from the 20's and 30's (try Googling "vintage cushion case watch" and take a look at the images -- you might be surprised to see some familiar brands that produced this style many years ago). The PAM 336 captures that particular style, but wraps it up in what is, for Panerai, a slightly smaller case. The in-house P.999 movement is a thinner movement, which also allows for a more streamlined wrist presence. Combined with the brown dial, it has a retro look and feel that, for me, really is perfectly proportioned.

    In any event, a few more photos...

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    OK, OK.....I gotta admit - that's a handsome watch. Congratulations!

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    Very nice. Congrats!!!!


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    Nice watch! I went to eat first so gold wasn't an option for me

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    That is easily one of the nicest Panerai I've seen. It is so well done in all regards.

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    Love it. I've somehow oddly not put a Panerai in my rotation yet. You know the rules, at least one brown dial, one black, and a billion straps. Congrats

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuzzyB View Post
    That is easily one of the nicest Panerai I've seen. It is so well done in all regards.
    ^^^^^^^^this. Still not sure I'd ever get one, but if I did, this would be it...

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    Very cool! That is one of the few gold watches that I think looks really sharp. I REALLY want the titanium version, Pam 338, but my wallet looks like this:

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    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone.

    Forgot to mention that one of the things I really like about the 336 is the brushed case. The bezel, however, is polished, so the contrast is really beautiful. I preferred this more subtle look to the polished case of the 439, which was also a potential option.

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    That is a surprisingly classy looking watch from Panerai, I'm really impressed by the understated styling.
    Congratulations, enjoy and wear it in good health.
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