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Thread: 3rd Annual Boston GTG

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    3rd Annual Boston GTG

    Well it's about that time again. Looking to see who would be interested in attending another Boston GTG.

    Our GTG's have grown each year and I'm looking to get the same amount or even a bigger crowd for this year. Looking at a tentative date of 4/4 or 4/11 at 12pm or 1pm. If your from the Boston area or will be in Boston come join us for some drinks, food, and some watch madness.

    I know it's 7-8 weeks away but it helps to get as close an idea as possible as to how many will be there. Thoughts as to where would be welcome and appreciated. The location will be decided once I see who is coming and what works for everybody. Exact details will be sent by PM as I do not not want to advertise the location on here.

    Let me know what you all think. Please reply to this thread or PM me.....

    --Everyone and all watches are welcome. Whether you have a small collection or large collection it doesn't matter---

    Looking forward to meeting you all.



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    Boston, MA
    In for sure...thanks Richard!

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    Hope everyone brings a snow plow so you can make it to the event......
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
    Groucho Marx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    Hope everyone brings a snow plow so you can make it to the event......
    LOL...By then this snow will be gone unless it keeps snowing... This Winter has been brutal in the North East....Check out the view outside from my home...



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    Oh, yeah. I'm still on the offshift so I'm likely to be late again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cybotron View Post
    ... This Winter has been brutal in the North East...
    Man, I was done with winter even before all these recent storms.

    But it's a good excuse to use the 'snow parka' extension on my Omega.

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    Bumping thread to see if anyone else is interested

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    Current Attendees

    Split Second
    Ryan Patrick
    Tony A.H
    the gig


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    Here are some photos of our GTG in Boston. It was a great time meeting old and new members. Looking forward to the next.



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    Too bad it wasn't next weekend, I could have dropped by--I will be in Boston with my son looking at colleges...

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