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Thread: WRUW Feb 2018 starts here:

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    WRUW Feb 2018 starts here:

    Welcome my vintage friends, it seems to fall to me to start the Feb wruw of 2018 and so which watch shall it be ok so a new old watch this is a 1970's Russian 3602 pw movement with a p.w dial off another watch and the hands off a third, put in to a new retro solid lug case.

    I made this a year so ago and is still going strong it was a fun build for the most part took a bit of time to source a stem for it ( it being a p.w the stem was a solid bar so if I was to cut and fit .there would have been no way to attach a crown without maybe wielding it - so had to send for one from Russia that was threaded not cheap )

    But the end effect I think was worth the effort ..probably got some build pic's knocking around if any one is interested just ask and I will see if I still got them

    so hope the month ahead goes well for you all

    As always Ismy
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    Russian Watches

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    Feeling a bit "pocketwatch-ish".

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    Last of the mohicans-
    1973 Connie Pie Pan dog leg case.In it's original, unpolished condition.....

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