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Thread: 1 brand 3 watches, all you need for the next 20 years! FINAL ROUND

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    1 brand 3 watches, all you need for the next 20 years! FINAL ROUND

    First off, my apologies for not finalizing this competition any sooner but believe it or not, Coach CA has a;ready started working on youth baseball which will consume the greater part of my next 5 months.

    The second phase polls have closed and we now have the final 4 eh, 5 (one of the groupings had a tie). So now itís time to decide the winner of the 1 brand, 3 watches, next 20 competition. Here are your finalists:

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    #10 CFR

    Chronograph, because I've always had one and I actually use it:

    when water is taken into consideration:

    alarm wrist watch - casual

    These watches are in my collection.

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    #22 shemp

    This is a great excuse (since money is no object) to get my grubby paws on a 1655. I'd add my DJ 16200, then Explorer 1 14270. This is good for 20 years, plus 20 more. (borrowed pics except for DJ)

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    # 28 Steppy

    Normally I would say Grand Seiko, but I like a good Dive Watch and their offerings are 44mm and too big for my liking, so i'll go with Omega (sorry Domo)

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    #57 Jazzmaster

    Interesting thread!

    For me, it would be Breitling.

    I would want one watch that I could wear on dressier occasions. For me, the Transocean Chronograph fits the bill...

    I would also want a travel/GMT watch. For this one, I would choose the Transocean Chronograph/GMT...

    And, finally, in the sports/utility category, the Super Ocean Heritage...

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    #68 Rdenney

    If you mean this is a thought experiment, then I'm in. If you mean really live with only three watches, well, um, no. I didn't do that even before I became a watch nut. With that said, I'll follow your rules, even though I'm not really afraid of your yardstick.

    I could live with these three from...oh...what was it...right on the tip of my tongue...yeah...Ebel:

    Ebel Sport Classic Chronograph, powered by Zenith El Primero.

    Philosophy line 1: My profession deals with things that are timed, and a chronograph is not just a toy for me. And if I'm going to own a chronograph, I want one that was cool, hip, and pricey when I was starting in that profession, so that I can pretend there was a time in my life when I was cool, hip, and rich. This is that watch. I'm happy to wear this in any work environment, and I've even had women (at least women my age) tell me that this is the nicest looking watch they've ever seen.

    But, then, everyone needs a diver. Philosophy line 2: I sometimes get wet. I don't dive, but I don't mind if people think I do. So:

    Ebel Sportwave Aquatica 500 Limited Edition (008/100). (The 300m version was not limited.)

    The Aquatica has everything a diver is supposed to have, plus something that few have: (Philosophy line 3) No obvious derivation from the Rolex Submariner. This watch has real presence and depth (so to speak) in real life, too.

    And, finally, everyone needs a watch to wear with a suit:

    If I'm going to dress up, I want a watch that (Philosophy line 4) suggests that I not only have money, but that I also have taste and style. This is a conservative watch that has taste and style, a Duke Ellington among Lawrence Welks.

    Nevermind that nothing else I'm wearing will reinforce that suggestion...

    I own all three. Lessee...wrist shots...

    I would have loved all of these 20 years ago, and I love them now. 20 years from now I will still love them. There will still be times when I time things, want people to think there was a time when I was cool and rich, want people to think I could go diving, and that I have taste and style.

    Rick "not thinking he missed anything" Denney

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    Where's the "none of these fifteen watches are to my taste" button? (or similar)

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    if i can have (afford) just one of those options, i'll wear it for the rest of my life!

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    I'm shocked at how close I was to voting Breitling here.
    Regards Cam

    Tudor Pelagos, Omega Speedmaster 3510.50, Oris 1965 Diver, Tissot Visodate, Helson Blackbeard, Seiko PADI Turtle, Tag Heuer F1

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    Quote Originally Posted by CamB View Post
    I'm shocked at how close I was to voting Breitling here.
    They do look nice!

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