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Thread: Jocke Goes to Glashütte

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    Jocke Goes to Glashütte

    For those of you familiar with Jocke's great photos posted on a number of forums, here's a video of his trip to Glashütte - and it's interesting to see the man himself -

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    Nice . I've seen him post great shots on the Rolex forum.

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    I'll give this a watch later
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    I'm sorry, I have to look through my fingers and wince at 3:22 onwards , as the operator fumbles with the screw and then subsequently cross threads that screw in the swan's neck certainly appears that way anyway.
    I expect they just threw it in the bin afterwards and the director shouted "CUT"

    And I'm really surprised he wasn't provided with eye protection at 3:38 as we see his wide open, and the operator being naturally sensible.

    Apart from that ....

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    He's definitely a great photographer. & cool video too.Thanks for sharing
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    Very cool video. Now I know where my next vacation should be......
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