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Thread: "Your Order Has Shipped" - Tudor Black Bay, but which one?

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    "Your Order Has Shipped" - Tudor Black Bay, but which one?

    A red one on SS, of course!

    This watch has been on my list for a long, long time. Ever since I saw some people posting on the place that shall not be named about it... it struck me as just perfectly balanced, no date, snowflake hands... unique color scheme, no crown guards, unique little details like the color on the crown shaft, and awesome vintage look. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, debating if this watch was right or not but in the end I stumbled across a really good deal for a new one and took the plunge. Should be in tomorrow, so, fair warning... I might get a little annoying with the pictures

    Photo totally borrowed
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    It's a very cool watch, but I'm not sure I could personally live with the louder color scheme (compared to watches I do own).

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    Great choice I was wearing mine yesterday.

    Are you getting bracelet or leather?
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    Great watch!! i'm sure you will love it.
    Regards Cam

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    Congratulations! Post away when it one is going to get annoyed! I'm really on the fence with these watches: I like them, but I think I'd like them more if that hadn't tried to cram too many vinrage design cues into one watch. Like snowflake hands with round markers (snowflake hands came with snowflake markers), colored bezels with black dials (the Black Bay Blue just cries out for a blue dial)....but overall, these are lovely watches. Enjoy!

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    We're just waiting for the pics...

    BTW: congratulations!

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    Great choice, I love that model...the red speaks boldly, perfect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raza View Post
    It's a very cool watch, but I'm not sure I could personally live with the louder color scheme (compared to watches I do own).
    If it doesn't kill ya, it will make you stronger.
    Or, at least just more colorful.

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    Congratulations, Chicago! Looking forward to the pictures, the more, the better.

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    Congrats on the BB. I don't think you can go wrong with the red or blue bezel. Just a beautiful design.

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