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Thread: LOST!!!

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    About a month ago, I lost my wallet between the local Walmart and my front door. I tore the house apart. Drove to Walmart looking and asking. Nothing. It is such a monstrous pain in the ass to lose your wallet. I had no cash, but my SS# was in there on a teacher card. Plus I had about 15 years of hunting/fishing licenses that I kept for fun. Cancelled all cards. Froze my credit. Waited for new cards then redid auto pays. It just demoralized me.

    What have you LOST that was unfortunate and/or inconvenient?

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    I lose stuff all the time, usually only temporarily though.
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    My mind; does anyone know where it is?

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    There is a pocket knife I had as a kid. I suspect now it was stolen, but I searched for it for years.

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    I lost my passport in my bedroom around 3 years ago and I only realised a couple of days before I was going on holidays. I had to apply for an emergency passport and I ended up missing the first few days of the holiday.

    I still haven't found it and my room has been completely stripped and redecorated so its disappeared
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    I'm glad this is not a thread about that awful television show called Lost.

    I used to carry a George Costanza sized wallet that contained my whole life, and as an experiment about a year and a half ago I made myself a slim card carrier that only holds about 4 cards, and have never looked back. If I lose it, 5 minutes on the phone will cancel all my cards, and a DL is easy enough to replace. I have not carried cash in a very long time, so no need there.
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    I lost my cell phone about two weeks ago. I was walking to my car and texting with my husband. Then I stopped at Lowes and when I got back in my car afterward I reached for my phone. It wasn't there.

    I dumped the contents of my handbag in the passenger seat and pawed through them. No phone.

    I went back to Lowes. Checked with the cashier. Checked with the service desk. Checked in the painting department, where I'd looked at paint, and then the window treatments aisle where I'd browsed through blinds.

    No phone.

    At this point, I am in full panic mode. Like so many people, my life is in my phone--there for any casual stranger to paw through with either careless contempt or less benevolent intent.

    One of my clients works at Lowes and saw me running around frantically. He calmed me down, walked me out to my car, and called my phone. It rang from under the seat. I'd tossed it into my handbag, tossed my handbag into the passenger seat, and the phone bounced out and slid down that crack next to the seat.

    I was too relieved to feel stupid about it.

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    I know that feeling.

    Should have phones on a little leash sometimes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post

    I know that feeling.

    Should have phones on a little leash sometimes
    And keys. I am constantly losing them and they turn up in really strange places. I have found them cutlery drawer, folder into a shirt and in the fridge.

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    I may have lost a large solid gold star sapphire ring that looked like the cartoon version of a large solid gold star sapphire ring. So big and shiny. Unwearable, really, but kind of beautiful. I guess it's the victim of 12 years of apartment hopping.

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