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Thread: Fruit of the Loom

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    Fruit of the Loom

    Fruit or the Loom is one those brands that I associate with affordable quality, but I haven't actually owned anything made by them for years. I'm in the market for some inexpensive but decently made T shirts, and when I searched for FOTL on Amazon they're incredibly cheap - 2 for a basic T.
    So am I misremembering their quality, or are the ones on Amazon knock offs, or are they just a great deal?

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    Their quality has declined somewhat over the years, and you'd have better luck with Hanes.

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    Thanks, I'll check them out

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    I've used both FOTL and Hanes and both are good; sizing is consistent, waist bands are wide and you can't beat the prices, when they offer briefs 4 for $10 CAN .

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    Fruit if the looms are the standards for homemade screen printed tees. If you want to purchase a homemade printed tee from someone online, more often than not it will be FOTL heavy or FOTL light, so you always know what you are getting. It's consistent.

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    All I know about Fruit of the Loom I learned from these guys

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    My favorite t shirts are Calvin Klein. They are the softest.

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    I gave up on FOTL t-shirts a few years ago, because it does seem that the quality has declined. The main problem I had was that the neck stretch out and did not hold its shape for hardly any time

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    Next basic V necked T-shirts are very nice, hold the shape they were bought as... nice smooth material - and they discount the more you buy at one time.
    Not dear from what I remember

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    When I can find them, I usually buy Faded Glory. I like the V neck, and they seem to hold their size better for me. Next preference is Hanes, FOTL is below then I can find them IMO. I buy colors in solid when I can find them. Would like to try Calvin Klein's if I could find them in colors..
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