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Thread: Anybody else have an aversion to Titanium?

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    Anybody else have an aversion to Titanium?

    And I don't even know why. I own a Fossil in titanium, and don't hate it. If I had to guess, wearing my tungsten carbide watch daily for about two years:
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    I weighed her at the post office once, 13 ounces if I remember correctly. Doesn't bother me at all. This is the fossil I have (pic taken from google):
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    Presently not functional, dead battery. Super light, bordering on cheap feeling, at least compared to steel or tungsten.
    My reason for asking today:
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    The Tudor Pelagos. It checks nearly every box for me. But I don't know if I can get over titanium. Though I find it quite visually attractive.
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    Love the snowflake hands and the blue lume. If I had the money I'd just buy a 114060 Ceramic Sub, but sadly I don't. And even if I had the money, I think the wife would rather have another car. I would love to have a Grand Seiko SBGA029, as close as I could probably get to a sub, but still not super frugal. I believe my top end budget will be ~ 4k. (I'm a fan of knives and guns too, and they aren't often cheap) Anyway, the Tudor is right in budget, with excellent wr and heritage. It would really be this versus the Breitling Avenger Seawolf (listed as present grail). The breitling is cosc certified, (something I don't feel I care about anymore, if I want accuracy I have my G-shock rangeman) and is all steel, even the bezel.
    I have also reached the point where I want a watch the average person isn't going to recognize. Tudor and GS have that, Breitling I believe could pose a risk if I find myself in the wrong place. (Minimal risk mind you, but it's something I've considered).
    Long story short, I need somebody to tell me there is nothing wrong with titanium and I'm an idiot for thinking otherwise. Unless there is a good reason to avoid it?

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    Personally, I love titanium, and my pelagos is my favorite Ti watch

    Why? A few reasons

    - It's really light
    - It's not flashy, almost subdued look
    - It's really strong and basically indestructible

    I also own a Titanium Tutima DI 300 and I love it too

    It's even lighter than the Pelagos but the orange face gives it some flash that the pelagos doesn't have

    Honestly, my ONLY complaint about the Pelagos is it is a bit thick to wear - but I solved that by swapping the bracelet out with a rubber strap (with a Titanium deployant, of course =D)

    Hope that helps,
    Dan :: Ball/ Benarus/ Boschett/ Damasko/ Doxa/ IWC/ Longines/ Omega/ Precista/ Rolex/ Seiko/ Sinn/ Tudor/ Tutima.

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    One of my first watches (way back in the day) was Titanium , still got it somewhere

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    I think it really depends on the watch. A good, solid titanium watch will feel like a good solid watch regardless of the weight.

    Cheap titanium bracelets can give an overall impression of cheapness and flimsiness. I am not crazy about most titanium bracelets and my titanium watches are on rubber or leather straps.

    A tungsten carbide watch will make just about anything other than gold feel lightweight. Especially if it has a matching bracelet. I would guess that if you wore a titanium watch for at least two weeks straight it would start to feel normal to you and switching back to the TC would feel like strapping a lead weight to your wrist.

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    You inspired my watch for today

    About the bracelet:
    I absolutely adore the Pelagos bracelet. Probably the single best engineered clasp I've ever seen. I would not worry about I feeling even remotely cheap. It's incredible. Good weight and feel and did I mention the clasp?

    That said after almost a year on the bracelet I decided to switch it to rubber, with a titanium deployant, of course. Works great too

    Sent from my blackberry (just kidding!)
    Dan :: Ball/ Benarus/ Boschett/ Damasko/ Doxa/ IWC/ Longines/ Omega/ Precista/ Rolex/ Seiko/ Sinn/ Tudor/ Tutima.

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    My answer to the post question is a simple: No !
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    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    I LOVE titanium. I have two Ti bikes, a Ti wedding ring, Ti glasses, Ti knife, I even have two teeth sitting on Ti implants. It's as strong as steel and as light as carbon.

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    Love my Pelagos. It's a nice grade 5 Ti and very tough. Just picked up an Oris Maldives titanium last week and bonding with it well. Doesn't hold a candle to the Tudor though.

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    I love Ti. It's extremely durable, light and extremely easy to wear for long periods of time.
    I also love how it looks and feels to the touch. Ti is more coarse and looks more dull when compared to steel, which I like.

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    There's nowt wrong with Titanium

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