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Thread: Can we build a list of watches with 2892 movements?

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    Can we build a list of watches with 2892 movements?

    I'm realising that I've very little idea of what the range of watches containing 2892 movements really is.

    So please tell me and I'll build a list here. Or perhaps two or three lists: standard movements, chronometer movements, altered movements (eg through the addition of a DD module)

    Please include either the MRSP or typical AD price.

    Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon range
    Bathys Benthic - $995
    Breitling Chronomatic
    Doxa 5000T - $2500
    Kobold Soarway Diver - $2150
    Kobold Remington - $4250
    Kobold Lynx - $2450
    Longines Hydroconquest - $1275
    Longines Flagship
    Hamilton Intramatic
    RGM 151p
    Tudor Heritage Chrono
    Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mecha
    Wempe Zeitmeister Sport
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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post
    Please include either the MRSP or typical AD price.
    Are you asking for just currently available watches ? If not:

    This has a 2892-A2 base movement:
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    MSRP was around $4,400 when launched ($5,400 on steel bracelet !)
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    Yeah, if we are talking watches that aren't currently for sale I can list a bunch divers from Bathys, B&M, Kobold, Aegir, Ball, Doxa, and others.

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    Only currently available please

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    Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mecha. Can be found for around $700, use to be cheaper a few years ago.

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    Hamilton Intra Matic. Retails for around $850. Can be had for around $600.

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    The RGM 151p uses a 2892.

    (It's the one on the left in case it's not clear )

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    All of the 3 hand Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon watches so:
    Spacemaster(including Binnie), Spacemaster X-Lume(Including Pointdexter), EHC Black, Ceramic XV, Airborne and DeepQUEST. Some of these have the SpringLock system added.


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    Heritage Chrono. 2892-A2 w/ a DD chrono module.

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    Can we build a list of watches with 2892 movements?

    One of the more under appreciated Breitlings these days, but an extremely important classic model in the brands history. If I could find a 1970's Chronomatic (that I could afford) it would be my dream vintage. Anyway these days they use Breitling 14 or eta 2892
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    Edit: MSRP is around $7400 on the bracelet
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