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Thread: I have finally added a Rolex into my collection

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    I have finally added a Rolex into my collection

    When I first got into this hobby more than 10 years ago, I have never really appreciated Rolex. This is due partly with the baggage the brand has developed (and it's especially true in this part of the world), and as a result, I did not spend time to understand and learn more about the brand.

    Fast forward a few years, where I start to open up, and thanks to watch forums like IWL, I began to learn and start to appreciate more about Rolex. Photos and reviews from members of different forums also help strengthen my interests and liking for it. So, about a year back, I have decided to look at what Rolex has to offer that I can add on to my humble collection.

    First in my mind was the widely loved Submariner. I tried it on a few times over the one year. It wears comfortably. I have no issues with the “cyclops” – in fact, I thought it was a big plus for me as the date is so much clearer now. But some how, it just didn’t appeal to me. I suspect that could be because of its presence – the real thing, homages, copies – they are “everywhere”. That kind of made me hold back with the purchase.

    Next was the Explorer II. I like both the Black and White dials. But, the problem was this…… every time I tried on the white dial, it reminded me of my Ball HydroCarbon….
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    When I tried on the black dial, it reminded me of my GP SeaHawk.

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    I know, I know….. the similarities are really negligible, but deep down, I also know what would happen if I were to pick up any one of these. The Ball or the GP will be left sitting cold in the watch box. And I am not keen on flipping my watches, just yet.

    Then, the DateJust series. While I kind of like the ones with the fluted bezel, I find them sometimes a bit too blingy. Those with the smooth bezel…hmmm… a bit too bland.

    Next up was the GMT series. I like them, and I think amongst all the Rolex I have tried on, the “Batman” was the most appealing to me. And so the hunt began….

    Just about 2 weeks back, I got a call from my regular AD and he asked if I was keen to take a look at it. It wasn’t ready stock, but one has arrived for another customer, and I can take a look while waiting for it being picked up. Went down immediately so as to see it in person. He took out two watches from under the counter – one was the “Batman”, and the other, the “Hulk”.

    Something interesting happened….while I was trying on the “Batman”, I couldn’t help but my eyes kept looking at the “Hulk”. Since I was there, and it was available, I asked to try it. To my surprise, I like the green. Depending on the angle, the dial displays different shades of green. I actually fell in love with it. And next thing I knew, I walked out of the shop with the “Hulk”.

    I am not going to write a review of the watch as there are plenty of well written ones out there. Just wanted to share with you an interesting and unexpected outcome from my search.

    Thanks for reading. Here’s some wrist shots. Hope I managed to capture the different shades of the green.

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    You did find your Rolex!

    I remember you liked the GMT pepsi/ coke, perhaps you'll get one of these later. But the Hulk is a very special watch.

    Huge congratulations and wear it in the best of health!

    What a great collection you have.


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    That Hulk looks great. Congratulations.

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    Congrats on a great looking watch! I enjoy the thought process that went into that one.

    What were your thoughts on the "Batman"? I'm curious why Hulk beat Batman. Both are unique looking watches with great colors.

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    Killer choice!
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    many Citizen and Seiko from the years.

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    Congrats!! i also always fond with the HULK =)
    Enjoy the beauty... it wont be your last rolex tough hehehe =D

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    That Hulk looks great on you, Nutty! Wear it in the best of health.


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    Congrats on a great choice. You've got something that really stands out as different -- and, for Rolex, that's saying a lot... Wear it in good health!

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    Great story, great choice! Congratulations, Nutty! That green is just beautiful. Welcome to Rolex, and enjoy!

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    Awesome Nutty, congrats on a beauty!!!

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