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Thread: WRUW - Wednesday - 25 February 2015

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    WRUW - Wednesday - 25 February 2015

    Good morning.

    Speedmaster brown dial, today:


    Have a nice day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFR View Post
    Good morning.

    Speedmaster brown dial, today:


    Have a nice day.
    Beautiful watch and photo, C!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAGtime View Post
    Beautiful watch and photo, C!
    Thank you, Jane.

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    (Waiting for the Spring Equinox....)

    Have a great day!


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    GP Sea Hawk II

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    One more Speedmaster - black dial for me:

    IWL member 90

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    A big hit of Vitamin C and H2O

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    I like this one... nothing fancy, quartz, inexpensive but surely is a keeper for me =)
    Have a wonderful day everybody!


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    New mesh coming for this one on Friday but keeping it as is in the meantime

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