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Thread: Stowa mania? Post 'em here

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    Ric Capucho

    Stowa mania? Post 'em here

    Hi All,

    Here are my two Stowas, to get things started...

    Stowa Flieger Auto COSC...

    Ca. 1969 vintage Stowa Landeron 248...


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    MO Polished and Brushed:

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    long gone but very much a robust and enjoyable watch:

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    Love that blue dial Seatime

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    Ric Capucho
    Quote Originally Posted by Andrema View Post
    Seatime Prodiver

    You see, just as I'm thinking of a Seatime someone comes along with an amazing pickie of the Prodiver. So then I'm set for the Prodiver, and then a bunch of people post amazing pickies of the bloody Seatime.

    And around and around we go.


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