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Thread: Bas & Lokes for my Seiko Shogun

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    Bas & Lokes for my Seiko Shogun

    I love my Shogun, love it! Was never too fond of the bracelet. Not that there is anything wrong with it but I enjoy the titanium comfortable feel of the case so much I wanted to make it even lighter and more comfortable. Since about six months ago I been trying on different Natos and straps. Then I finally pulled the trigger on a quality strap worthy of the Shogun. The Bas & Lokes Wentworth in green. Its hard to capture in the pics taken indoors but the green strap matches the Seiko green lume fantastically. Its very lightweight, only about 2mm thick but the softness and quality of the strap is great. Feels like butter on the wrist.
    Came with my name on the wrapper that I butchered... very nice as I was not expecting anything like this.

    I love to support small businesses and this really made the whole experience of buying a quality item from a small business extra special. A personalized hand written note from one of the owners.

    Anyone looking for a high quality strap I recommend checking Bas & Lokes out. The entire buying experience was great and coming all the way from around the world it arrived much sooner then I thought.

    Enough typing, here are some pics, hope you enjoy, I know I am!

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    Nice Shoes
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    Nice pairing here. Really gives the shogun a different look (probably not the "feel" since the watch is already super light...).

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    Looks nice. I really like the Shogun. One hell of a watch for a great price

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    Looks really cool! =)

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    Love the strap, not sure about the buckle, its too big for my liking (and wrist), but looks great with the shogun

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    Really nice. The minimal design of the strap compliments the dial nicely. Good choice.
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    That strap looks great on your watch, JP. Wear it in good health!


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    Thank you! Most comfortable combo I ever wore!

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    I love pre v buckles and since its a 22mm size I went with it. Anything less then 22mm I wouldn't do this style buckle as IMO it should be on a larger beefy watch and strap.

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