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Thread: Show off your Beijings here!

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    Show off your Beijings here!

    It's no secret to anyone that I'm passionate about Beijing watches new and old. So here's a celebratory thread just for them.

    Starting off with the truly lovely Beijing BeiHai, this one being the limited edition produced to acknowledge their 50th year anniversary (1958-2008). That's their inhouse SB18 handwind movement buzzing around in there.


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    Then we have this late 1970s vintage Shuangling 20 Zuan, from back in the day when Shuangling was an important brand coming out of Beijing Watch Factory. It's a day/date, and as you can see the day is written in mandarin chinese. I religiously set the day date correctly when wearing this, which was a bit if a headache to begin with for obvious reasons.


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    I have three 'real' Beijings:

    Of course the BeiHai Limited:

    The ZhuFeng:

    with an older version of the same beautiful movement:

    And an oldie, an SB5:

    Not a real Beijing, but built for Maison Celadon by Beijing: the Celadon Imperial:

    The third watch I own with an SB18:

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    Sorry, but I am unable to contribute any different pieces and pictures to this thread as I own only one true Beijing, the BeiHai LE and the Celadon Imperial built by Beijing:

    Name:  140214_Celadon_Beihai.jpg
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    I believe one of their cheapest models, the Zungu

    Name:  Screenshot_2014-11-19-00-44-19_1.jpg
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    Late 1970s vintage Shuangling 40 Zuan.

    Automatic movement, and ever so slightly red dial.


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    Beijing ZunJue.

    Bought on a whim from TaoBao when I was really looking for a black Beijing ZunDa, which is a different watch altogether. A couple of weeks later when this watch was still in transit to me I *found* a black ZunDa, so I had a bit of a duplication on my hands. Never mind, thought I, I can always sell on the ZunJue. Then it arrived, and it looked like *this*. And I have PM after PM asking me where a black ZunJue can be found, but it seems I bought the very last one, so it's like I dried up TaoBao completely.


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    Ric's are better, but my Zungu comes with good bourbon

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    Show off your Beijings here!

    Beijing Model One Reissue.

    When Beijing decided to mark their 55 year anniversary of their first ever watch (the Model One, which never went into serial production I believe) they made a few changes, but kept some things very much the same. The domed acrylic crystal remained, but their increased the case size to suit modern tastes, and added a (cough, spit) date window to make sure it'd appeal to more than just watch freaks.

    The result is one of the most elegant watches that Beijing ever produced, and what is likely to become yet another unobtainable model that people scour TaoBao and Ebay in vain for.

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    And another Ric .

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