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Thread: What are you getting serviced?

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    What are you getting serviced?

    The company I get my watches at are rather slow, so I've been waiting until the London g2g is over before sending them away. To save on postage I'll be sending three at once:

    This 1922 Dennison silver cushion case with AS movement. It was my daily wearer when I was a student and I don't think I've ever worn it since. For years it was safely lost in my belongings, and I unearthed finally last year. It still runs fine but I've been holding off on wearing it until I know I'm not damaging it.

    My sixties Wostok definitely needs some TLC - the hour hand is now about 20 minutes behind the minute hand (unlike in this photo where it's 10 minutes ahead....)

    There doesn't seem to be any problem with this Sekonda, but I'm imagine it's been a while since it had a clean inside

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    I only have watches serviced that are worth to be preserved. Nothing value related, but more their history. So I won't have an Alpha or parnis serviced, but I did get some vintages cleaned and oiled that costed less than the Alpha's.

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    In terms of value I'm probably going to making 1+1=1, but nonetheless I've a couple of pragmatic reasons for getting these serviced aside from the nice histories behind all three eg where do I buy a new 8mm-thick datefree manual, without spending on a utterly different plane?

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    I have several watches I am trying to get serviced for people in my family.

    My dad's Connie is going to ABC Watchwerks. I need to contact a few watchmakers about servicing a pocket watch and a ladies wristwatch that my sister got from our grandmother.

    I should probably send my Olma out for servicing later this year too.

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    I received a neat 1980 Raketa Olympic in the post yesterday and the plastic crystal is a) nasty and b) not connected to the case for the full 360 degrees of its circumference.
    I'm waiting for a response from the seller with a bit of a refund and then (once my period of abstinence is over) I'll be sending it off for some new plexiglass and possibly a service

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post

    There doesn't seem to be any problem with this Sekonda

    Except that a third of the seconds hand is missing.

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    I've never really understood that little detail, I think its very consistent cross the range of variants

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    Today i have brought my 993 Techart bi-turbo in for service after his wintersleep

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well mine was about the same length ?

    yes I need a new crown on it but it has gone the way of parts now to help another watch take shape lol
    just my usually playing duke nukem while burning the dinner

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    Just got my IWC 3548 back from an IWC full service and reconditioning, but that is all I have done lately.

    Everything else works just fine.
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