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Thread: Happy strap swap day everyone!

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    Happy strap swap day everyone!

    Hey Cats,

    Couldn't sleep so to while away an hour or so I did a little strap swapping.

    UG Polerouter on heavy leather with deployment

    Chauncy military on Seiko field watch strap

    Seiko field on heavyweight Nato G10

    Doxa Sharkie on NATO G10 striped

    Of all the swaps I think the UG gave the best result 😊

    For the swappers out there we should do a strap swap day thread from time to time, it would be cool to see the results of the combos we come up with.


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    [QUOTE=Preston;77737]Hey Cats,

    Couldn't sleep so to while away an hour or so I did a little strap swapping.

    I think they all look great, Preston. Good job!


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    Great job man!

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    Looks great esp the Doxa.
    I'm a strap wh**e & I love swapping out daily,but for some reason I cant part w/ my new Simona Saddle shoes I got for my 176.I think this is the longest run I've kept on any of my pieces.
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    I love swapping straps. It can make an old watch feel new without spending big bucks. That keeps Mama happy so I don't have to do any wife swapping.

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    Strap swapping is a bit of a virus for me. Sometimes I'll make a strap just on a whim to try a new colour combo, etch, and even if I don't have a use for it I feel bad about orphans and will give it a whirl at least once. Sometimes with rather... unfortunate outcomes. I have a drawer in my shop near full of once-worn straps I made that I have no use for but can't bear to just put in the bin. I'll do it after a few drinks while wearing a blindfold some day I'm sure.
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    They are all nice, but this one rocks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    They are all nice, but this one rocks!

    Thanks Pal, it's pretty unique, solid copper dial and solid brass case, interesting combo.


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