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Thread: Interesting new Casio.

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    Interesting new Casio.

    Not a Gshock but it's the first new casio that has caught my attention for awhile. Not sure what heavy duty implies but here's the description:

    The timeless style of a 3-hand analog, with a resin combined with a heavy duty chronograph design and stopwatch make this watch both functional and stylish.


    • 100 Meter Water Resistant
    • Stopwatch
    • 3 hand Analog

    Technical Information:
    • 100M Water Resistant
    • 3-Hand Analog
    • Date Display
    • 1 Second Stopwatch
    • Measuring capacity: 29'59.8"
    • Approx. Battery Life: 3 years
    • Module: 5434
    • 51.8 x 49.3 x 13.0 mm

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    Thanks for sharing Greg... it looks great and would give the 'aviator' look on the budget! =D
    from the dial arrayment, it seem to use citizen miyota chronograph movement that's also used in other sports casio and some edifices.. but with reduced 30 minutes duration

    the band seem similar with the ws220 so it would be comfortable... not really fond with the decorative screws on the front..
    dont kkow if the crystal is mineral or acrylic, but my feeling it would acrylic... it would be more impact resistant than mineral though..

    if i can get one, t would be the one with the 3 blue dials or the one with red schemes and red small chronograph hands...

    i like the legibility.. but it would be overpriced in my country for sure hehehe..
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    Looks nice. Like a poor man's aviator.

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    It is most likely of the same material as a WS-220. Durable but a hard outer plastic body. The screws most likely functional holding the upper bezel to the body and the crystal is probably resin. It will probably last a long time but will have scratches all over it.

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