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Thread: CAD was short for Canadian!

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    between the lugs

    CAD was short for Canadian!

    That's right: new forum, so I'm telling my secrets. My name is KC, and I'm a Canadian. **hi KC**

    It all started on a brisk March morning in the 70s... I started as Canadian and got hooked. At first I would just chip in an occasional 'eh?' into a conversation, use funny words like cheque, toque, and chesterfield, or add U's to words like colour and favour. But it wasn't long before the addiction really set in, and I was enjoying socialized health-care, smoking backbacon, and mainlining maple syrup; sometimes right from the tree. Please don't judge me, I'm too far gone.

    Nice to see some familiar... avatars.

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    , eh? Always got room for another hoser.

    Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap. ~Doug Larson

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    Hello from the East!

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    And from western Canada.

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    Glad to have you and I am looking forward to this forum as well.
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
    Groucho Marx

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    Welcome, from the Ottawa Valley. 'How's it now?' 'Dandy fine!'

    If you come to a fork in the road; take it, and then put it down so someone else can use it.

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    Even southern Canada is a big jump from the terrain down here in the US. I've been to Vancouver many times because my dad played for the Lions there. Also Toronto, I think, three times. Both are nice, clean cities. But my favorite place in North America is Lake of the Woods, OT. Unbelievable place. Just magical.

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    Hey KC! How do I get on your Christmas list for a one-off geoffbot special strap? Just kidding

    Not kidding
    Follow IWL on instagram!

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    Welcome from the banana belt! Er...Victoria!
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