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Thread: March 2015 Photo Competition

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    March 2015 Photo Competition

    Back again for another round of photo fun. Many thanks to all who competed and voted in February, big congratulations to whatmeworry for his win, and a hat tip to muddy250 for his very close runner-up!

    For the month of March, our theme will be hobbies. Interpret as you wish, but please follow these simple rules:

    1. Only one photo submission per person
    2. Watch-related content must be included in the photo
    3. All entries must be made by midnight GMT on March 10th

    I'm a bit late starting this month's contest, so if we need to add more time for submissions, we can consider that next week. Please post your entries here, and feel free to include any explanations or descriptions about the photo or its contents.

    May the best WIS win!

    Seriously - My Kingdom for a Box

    Der Amf - Ebony, Ivory, and Orange

    pepperami - Titanium and a Takamine

    faiz31887 - Dueling Axes

    Chase - Amazon Desires: God went surfing with the Devil

    M. Montaigne - Breitling Skies

    Jeannie - Strung Together

    Jazzmaster - In the Mix

    Vincent Vega - Casting Call

    CFR - Books!

    popoki nui - Pulsar

    JAGtime - Seeking a More Compassionate World: Avocation?

    Nutty28 - The "Battlefield"

    Teeritz - Words to Paper

    sharkyfisher - Six Strings

    mikeylacroix - Training...So I Can Be Like This

    shameless - Catch of the Day

    Hayseed Brown - Writing Time

    Chicolabronse - Pin-Seeking

    muddy250 - Climbing Holme Moss

    mlcor - Studio Session

    ck1109 - Tack Sharp

    Raza - From Wolfsburg to Monaco

    CanadianStraps - Handcrafted

    geoffbot - Razor's Edge

    is that my watch - Radio Control

    Col Angus - Hooch

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    Name:  pile.jpg
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    My kingdom for a box

    That's one of my hobbies right there - box collecting , (watch related content right there in the pic.)

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    Titanium and a Takamine. .

    Sent from my GT-I9505

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    Blog Entries
    Does it have to be a new photo, or can it be an older one?

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    Dive Watches & Japanese Moderator OTGabe's Avatar
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    North Carolina, USA
    Quote Originally Posted by Raza View Post
    Does it have to be a new photo, or can it be an older one?
    It need not be a new photo or even one that is new to IWL. If it fits the theme and you want to share it, go for it.

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    I don't have to be good at the hobby, right?

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    Good luck, everyone!
    Eterna | Tudor | Seiko | Casio | G-Shock | Orient | Swatch | Mondaine | Zodiac (pre-Fossil) | Rolex | Wenger | Pulsar Time Computer | Omega | Timex | Bucherer | Citizen | Bulova | Glycine

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    Amazon Desires: God went surfing with the Devil
    Name:  30919-chase-albums-chase-misc-picture74210-amazon-surfing-god.jpg
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    I collect these eclectic carvings from around the world. This is one of my favorites. It has such strong presence yet always reminds me to chill and look for the surf in my journeys.

    (Which I guess means the photo covers at least three hobbies)
    Last edited by Chase; Mar 4, 2015 at 03:34 AM.

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    With the watch:

    Bonus photo without the watch (for context):

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