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Thread: NOW SOLD: CREPAS Cayman 3000 ($1100)

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    NOW SOLD: CREPAS Cayman 3000 ($1100)

    $1100 Crepas Cayman 3000 Limited edition of 299, now sold out and no longer available from the manufacturer.

    (Full kit, all papers -- It's just too big for my wrist!!!) ONE OWNER. Received from CREPAS on June 16th, last year. Includes bracelet which was worn only a few times, and supplied NATO strap, never even put on watch. I wore the watch occasionally, but on a different strap. It has a 2824-2 TOP grade. 44.5 mm bezel, 3000 meter water resistance. And gorgeous.

    Seller (me) quickly ordered this one on February 16th after receiving an email from Ana at CREPAS advising that the final 50 were being made and sold.

    Seller (not a large man), whose wrist when last measured was about 6 3/4", was on a diet at the time, and at the time of receipt of merchandise, had lost 55 lbs, apparently some in his now slender watch-wearing appendage. As he feared, the watch is just too damn big. But it was just so gorgeous that it seemed irresistible despite concern of its impressive large-itude.

    It is, in my opinion, one of the best styled divers around at any price. It would be great on a larger man.

    A limited edition serious diver, with serious cred and serious collector appeal.

    Please see below for comments on condition:

    The watch is generally in excellent condition, running well, and lightly worn, never on supplied strap, and only a few times on bracelet (both clasps included). (1) My jeweler did note, in attaching bracelet (which I could not do by myself), that the lug holes (I believe only on the 12:00 side) were drilled very slightly off, and he had to widen the hole just a tad. Picture is attached, more if you need. The bracelet, when attached, fits perfectly, without any wobble or looseness whatsoever. (2) the lug at 2:00 was sightly scratched, probably at that time. This is visible in one of the pictures. It is minor, and I expect could be removed if desired. I did remove the bracelet some time later, took pictures, and put it back on the strap I wore it on originally.

    Please contact me via PM, or at dbakiva at AOL dot com
    Telephone to (847) Five Zero Two, 5090 (8 am - 8 pm Central Time)
    I would be pleased to do a FTF in the Chicago (north and 'burbs) area.
    Sales to locations plus nationel will be given careful consideration.

    Also, I picked up (almost un-worn) a custom CREPAS alligator grain leather strap. You may be interested in this as well.

    First 3 photos from Summer. The rest are as of this listing: Name:  photo.jpg
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    More info on this limited edition (from the CREPAS website)


    - Diameter of the bezel: 44,50mm
    - Diameter of the case: 43,00mm
    - Thickness without crystal: 16,90mm
    - Length: 50,50mm
    - Thickness of the crystal: 4,60mm
    - Diameter of the crystal: 33,00mm
    - Space between lugs: 22mm
    - Diameter of the crown: 7,50mm
    - Thickness of the bezel: outer part 3,40mm, inner part 4,00mm
    - Thickness of the case back cover: 5,30mm (stainless steel 4,00mm and sapphire 1,30mm)


    - Case, bezel, crown and case cover made of surgical stainless steel 316L with polished finished.
    - Crystal, bezel inlay and case back cover inlay made of sapphire.
    - Gaskets made of Viton and Tefzel.
    - Dial with ceramic cover with metal squares.
    - Stainless Steel “bead of rice” bracelet with two interchangeable clasps.
    - Hands, dial, bezel and case back cover with Superluminova BG W9.


    - Swiss ETASA 2824 TOP grade.
    - Water resistant 300 atmos. / 3000 meters/ 9900 ft. Screwed crown and case back cover.
    - Antimagnetic: 70.000A/m.
    - Inside AR coated anti scratch crystal with domed shape.
    - 120 positions bezel. Inclined inlay sapphire bezel.
    - Automatic helium valve at 9 position.
    - Polished faceted hands.

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    Thank you to our treasured watch community (the big guys and the small guys, the old and the new) and to buyer, up there in Canada-land.

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