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Thread: Answering Der Ampf's movement question...

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    Answering Der Ampf's movement question...

    At the GTG I rather unwisely mentioned that a movement in DA's lovely Beijing looked like one used by Seagull and that I thought that I had one in a fake JLC I once accidentally received. While I think what I said was true, first I could be wrong and second, it was an insensitive thing to say that does sound a lot like fighting talk! At the time I said that there was a thread all about the movement somewhere. After a bit of searching, I've found it, so here it is:

    It's a very polite row that kicks off at post seven (with the relevant pictures at post 30) and, through some wise moderation, manages to stay one notch below fisticuffs, which at the time I was more than ready to engage in having just been sold a fake fake and being pretty sure I had the chap who sold it to me on my home forum and one with a clear rule on fakes. However, for present purposes, just scroll through the pictures. Is it the same (or at least a poshed up version of the same) movement, or am I just wrong as well as rude?

    Either way, sorry for being so gauche DA, it was a fantastic watch that puts Beijing firmly on my to buy list, I just thought the movement looked familiar.
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    Didn't we agree that in China QC-failures often crop in unsavoury places?

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    We did. I was just trying to work out if it was the same movement as I couldn't remember which Beijing yours was. Also it would be interesting to discover that Beijing QC failures were cropping up in Tianjin products.

    And I was pimping an interesting exchange of posts...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post
    My first instinct is that I think we are looking at the same movement family, which is interesting. The winding bridge is foreshortened in the Beijing and there are other minor differences but the overall layout looks identical right down to the small observation port just below the ss of stainless on yours. The winding bridge covers a jewel on mine that is exposed on yours. Finish on the Beijing looks infinitely better.

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    I'm glad you two have kissed and made up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottjc View Post
    I'm glad you two have kissed and made up.
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    I don't think we can say that until my name gets misspelt correctly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post
    I don't think we can say that until my name gets misspelt correctly
    Oh Bugger! I thought it was like William Shakespar and there was no right spelling? (he back peddles) Anyway, the P is silent as it is in swimming pools.

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    The movement in the Zungu I think is also a derivative of the Miyota 8215. One of the ways I usually can see if it's an ST16 or other clone, is that SeaGull uses screws close to the balance to place what I think is the autowinder module.
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    The Zungu movement hacks and goes tick at 28800

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