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Thread: What is the least you could spend?

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    What is the least you could spend?

    What is the least you could spend on a 3 watch collection (everyday, beater and dress watch) and be mostly happy (I say mostly because I know most of us wouldn't be able to only have three watches and would constantly be wanting to flip them)?

    I am guessing there will be a big variation in prices on this.

    Let's assume new only.


    Vostok Amphibian Radio Room SE $89 Everyday

    Beijing Zungu $200 Dress

    Casio AE1200 $25 beater
    $314 Total
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    I could keep it to under $500 total for three nice Citizen Eco Drive models.
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    I think I could be pretty happy for $1145.55.

    Ticking a number of boxes to satisfy my watch forum activities.

    1. Beater - Victorinox Inox $336.00 on Jomashop
    2. Everyday - Seiko SARG013 $369.55 from Seiya
    3. Dress - Tissot Visodate on Mesh $440 again Jomashop.

    Edit after posting pics I will change the INOX to a blue one and the Visodate to a white to give a variety of colours
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    Chrono: Tianjin 1963 or the current CWC chronograph

    Diver: Timefactors PRS14 or O&W Cougar

    Dress: Seiko SCVS001 Spirit or Orient star classic

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    Can I just get an Orient Mako and a crap-ton of straps?


    Name:  Mako leather.JPG
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    Three quartz watches that I already have, probably:

    • Dress: Frederique Constant Slimline Gents
    • Chrono: Seiko SNDA57P1
    • Rough & tumble: G-Shock GW-2310

    I haven't checked current prices, but 1,000 ($1,537) should cover it.

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    $65 seiko 5 for casual

    Name:  DSCN9053.jpg
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    $30 casio 200m WR for beater (DW-290)

    Name:  DSCN9141.jpg
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    $110 sapphire Orient and some straps to change for dress occation.

    Name:  DSCN7765.jpg
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    Does it count as $0.00 if I already have them?

    I could nail down three watches but I would have to draw the distinction between could spend or would spend. For me to go down to only three watches I'd sure be wanting them to be pretty nice ones and I'd be willing to pay for them, though you would have to consider that I would have the rest of my collection to sell to cover them.

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    US$24.95, this is easily the cheapest watch that I actually wear. I'm thinking of picking up a new one. I wish they still made them in gold colour

    EDIT: Whoops! Completely glossed over the 3 watch thing. Well, the databank would be 'beater'...

    US$69.95, this would be 'everyday' (but I'd change the strap)

    US$410, And I guess I'd splurge a bit on a dress watch, get something nice

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