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Thread: >>>>>>>WRUW Wednesday 4 March 2015<<<<<<<

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    >>>>>>>WRUW Wednesday 4 March 2015<<<<<<<

    Well, like C, I will be heading out for a few days. Happily, however, my time will be devoted to R&R. Here's what will be on my wrist in Key West...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzmaster
    ... Here's what will be on my wrist in Key West...
    Enjoy your time off and no need to send pictures (and make us jealous)

    You're taking this trip a year or so too early - wait for MKII's Key West (3rd member in the Kingston, Nassau, Key West family).
    These latest renders are very close to what the actual watch will look like:
    Name:  mkii_GMT_preview.jpg
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    Still wearing the IWC VC Ingenieur Laureus Edition - case back is also entertaining:

    Name:  130913_IWC_Ingenieur_Laureus_back.jpg
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    Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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    Borrowed Lume shot

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    Z-series Explorer II on Hirsch Mariner leather for me tomorrow:
    Name:  Exp II Nahanni1.jpg
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    (recycled pic, sorry. Busy couple of days)


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    Melbourne Flinders, but I can't decide on a strap.


    Name:  Flinders.jpg
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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    On strapcode ploprof mesh. The flattened links are pretty comfortable.
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    Going to wear this Wednesday.

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