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Thread: Which watch are you going to buy next?

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    Which watch are you going to buy next?

    Pics welcomed.
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    Name:  Chronoswiss-Regulateur-30-Steel-Case-620x327.jpg
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    It won't be for a while though, cos it's 4 figures, 6 if you include the decimals
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    Paid for but due delivery Aug time all being well, Kickstarter project from last year.
    Interesting case shape, 9015 movement. Will be the least expensive addition to my watch box since I started looking at watch fora.

    Also expecting a delivery from MrsO for my birthday in May, exact details not known but the suggestions were all made in Germany.
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    Let's all be honest with ourselves. For anyone to answer truthfully they better be laying down cash within the hour from posting because we all know that what we are currently wanting to buy next vs what we actually buy are often drastically different.

    But in the spirit of the thread (and not to be Buzz Killington) my current next purchase could be this...


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    Quote Originally Posted by happyscrappyheropup View Post
    Do today's (planned) arrivals count?
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    I have a Seamaster that is scheduled to arrive today, Geoff. Hoping to receive it when I'm back at home for lunch later. I'll definitely post pics. Here's one from the seller.

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    Either a Maranez Rawai

    Or a Gruppo Gamma Ascet

    Unless I come across a bargin on a vintage Rado...

    But I have two watches incoming. A vintage Smiths Empire and the 40mm HMT thing (not actually HMT anymore since they are out of business) but those are already paid for.
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    Generally not a Cali dial fan, but that Gruppo looks good, 93ExCivic.

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    Have my sights set on one of these (colour combination yet to be decided):
    Name:  superocean-heritage-46.jpg
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    BUT... If one of these comes up for sale in mint condition, it'll take priority:
    Name:  Crepas-Cayman-3000.jpg
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    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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