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Thread: Is it bad to have zero ideas as to what your next watch will be?

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    Is it bad to have zero ideas as to what your next watch will be?

    Looking at Geoff's What's Your Next Watch Thread made me realise.....

    ....aside from currently unobtainable desires I've no plans at all, other than to enjoy what I've got for a while.

    (Note: this is no kind of prediction re future purchasing patterns )
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    That's where I am at the moment, too.
    Today, anyway.

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    I don't think it is bad at all, you have an open field uncluttered by an unrealized wish list.

    I have several Pintrest boards on things I want to keep in my mind for the future and it is an interesting process to review the pictures and see what stays and what gets deleted.

    Nothing at the recent GTG get your juices flowing?
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    I'm concentrating on which watch to sell next. I realized I had way too many watches sitting around that weren't getting worn enough to warrant a spot in the watch box so I am in purge mode right now. After that happens, then I may think about what's next.

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    I'm in the same spot. Those I can afford don't excite me and those that inspire me are way out of my means.

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    I'm in the same spot as well,was tempted by a couple of pre-owned Panerais at an okay price,but none actually good enough to replace the one that I currently wear,while PP is unobtainable at this point...

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    I put a serious halt to watch purchases at the end of 2014 (which immediately resulted in three new watch buys ). I have no watch purchases planned for the foreseeable future, but I'm always on the lookout for interesting vintages, especially LED/LCDs and 70's divers. It's a lifelong addiction I'll never break.

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    None whatsoever. I have registered an interest in a rather attractive dive project though, so if that happens that might be my next. Off course, one in means one out........

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    Nope. I don't either. I'm glad for it.

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    It's a holiday, having no new watch in mind. Make the most of it.

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